All about the classic vibes in today’s post! I was drawn to this fun tee a few weeks ago. I love that it is trendy, but also give off a 70’s vibe! Which I am clearly obsessed with lately!
These yellow sunglasses were a bit off of the norm of what I normally lean towards. But I think they are a lot of fun. They won’t ever be my go to pair, but I love the edginess they add to this look.


top: Urban Outfitters  |  denim: Levi’s Wedgie  |  booties: Free People  |  sunglasses: Urban Outfitters  |  Oversized Tote: Urban Outfitters  |  necklace: Topshop


Okay.. how about the fact that my eyes are closed in over half of these photos???
Maybe these yellow sunglasses weren’t really blocking the sun! haha That’s okay, they don’t need to because I love them.
Are you liking or hating this trend? My husband sure isn’t with it.
He commented on my photo in my previous post I wore them in last week (see post here) “love the glasses” Of course I could sense so much sarcasim behind the post. So of course we laughed about it when he got home later that day!
Brandon is pretty good about not saying much when I decide to try new trends. He doesn’t always agree with them, hence the comment above, but I love that he lets me be me!

xo Camilla


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