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It’s that time of year again!!! 
It’s my birthday week, and I get to celebrate all week long in the most wonderful city!! This morning my husband and I flew to San Francisco. I am honestly like a child on christmas day, I have always wanted to visit the big city and what better time than over my birthday!  
This year I will be turning 23. It doesn’t seem like anything is changing, for the last 6 months when people ask my age, I’ve said (accidentally) 23. Oops. I’m just trying to catch up to my husbands age quicker than I would like. 

Now, on to this fun wish list. I am dying to get these two pillows into my house. I just don’t know how well the hubs will appreciate the leopard print, but it is a must have to me!! I love a good pair of sneakers, and I love how neutral these nikes are. I have only boughten bright colors of sneakers so I would love this pair to transition into fall.  
okay, okay, but if I had to only choose 1 item from this list, it is a huge toss up between this Rebecca Minkoff handbag, or these Jeffery Campbell lace up booties!! soooo, basically i just need someone to choose for me!! 
I have been on a search for the perfect mixed metal watch, and this Kate Spade one did it for me!!!
Oh, and last thing, If you have been dying to get your hands on these lace up flats, I found this pair that is HALF the price, and very similar. 

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!! 

xo, Camilla

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