Here it is! My most requested gift guide this year. My 2019 Best Gifts for Him is finally here!
I can see why this was one of my highly requested guides to create because guys are SO extremely hard to shop for. Especially Brandon. I feel like he already has everything he wants and if he wants something new, he just goes out and buys it himself.

This year however, I asked Brandon help create this list to compile a few of his favorite things. You will find that he owns almost everything here which is why they are all tried and true favorites. We also did a round up for any other fellow car guys out there that you may be shopping for. There are a few car related gifts too!



Holiday Gifts for him | 2019 BEST GIFTS FOR HIM by popular California blog, Navy Grace: image of a man holding his son while standing on a suspension bridge.Holiday Gifts for him | 2019 BEST GIFTS FOR HIM by popular California blog, Navy Grace: collage image of a Diesel brothers shirt, nike shoes, nike jacket, Mission belt, Carhart beanie, and loopy phone case. Holiday Gifts for him | 2019 BEST GIFTS FOR HIM by popular California blog, Navy Grace: collage image of a ANKER bluetooth speaker, Grip Clean, slippers, duffle bag, and hydro flask tumbler.


1- Nike Sneakers – Brandon doesn’t buy himself any new clothing all year so I love gifting him a pair of sneakers because he wears through them so much from the gym and wearing daily for work.

2- Nike Jacket – Some of my favorite jackets that Brandon wears are from Nike, they are always the best quality too.

3- Mission Belt – I’ve gotten these belts for Brandon the last 3 years. They are great quality have the prettiest colors and the overall design is super simple and unique.

4- Loopy Phone Case – Use code NAVYGRACE10 off your purchase. I am proud to say that I finally convinced Brandon to get a Loopy this year and he has really loved having one. You might as well get one for yourself if you aren’t on the Loopy train yet! The best gifts for him.

5- Diesel Brothers Tee – When creating this gift guide, I had Brandon help me come up with some great car related gifts and his first response was a car shirt and I refused! He then said, all guys love them if they are into cars. So I lost the battle and threw one in. Although, I don’t find this one that ugly!! Anyone who is in a relationship with someone who is car obsessed you probably already understand this 🙂

6- Apple Watch Charging Stand – I have now gotten this for my husband and dad, and myself and we all love it. It’s only $10 and would make a great stocking stuffer idea.

7- Stance Socks – Just got these for Brandon. He loves wearing Stance socks to the gym.

8- Carhart Beanie – I think anyone can pull of these beanies. I love how they look.

9- Airpods – I gifted these to Brandon for his birthday this summer and he has loved them. He uses them daily while he works from home. He takes a lot of phone calls and loves having his hands free.

10- Retractable Phone Charger – This is one of those things you didn’t realize you needed until you have one. We have these in all of our cars and I love even using it with my portable charger.

11- Cole Haan Shoes – Got these for Brandon’s birthday this summer and love when he wears them. They are comfortable and super lightweight too.

12- Nest Security Camera – We have always loved having security cameras in our home. We currently have the Arlo cameras but aren’t super impressed so we want to switch them all out for the Nest cameras this year.

13- Yeti Insulated Colster – If you Significant other drinks from a can, this is such a great gift idea. Brandon uses his constantly.

14- Harmony Remote Control – This is also one of those gifts that is great for everyone. This remote control syncs all of your remotes into one. You only have to use this remote instead of 3 0r 4 others. It’s super functional.

15- Hershel Duffle Bag – Each year Brandon asks for a duffle bag. I think this year is the year. Love this one.

16- Grip Clean Automotive Hand Soap – Another great find if you are buying for someone who works on cars, grease or anything where their hands get tough stains on. Brandon loves this.

17- Mechanical Gloves – Another pick from Brandon. He says they are always a must in the garage and doing anything around the house. A great inexpensive gifts for him.

18- Hyrdo Flask Tumbler and Lid – A gift for them and for you. We each have our own and I can’t say enough good things about our tumbler bottles. They keep the water cold for hours.

19- Rubber Belt – Brandon uses these to work on cars with. That way if he rubs up against a car it doesn’t scratch it.

20- Hershel Camo Backpack – Brandon has had this specific bag for a few years now. He uses it while traveling and it’s a great size.

21- Ugg Slippers – Who would turn down a good pair of slippers?? Right?

22- Lululemon Socks –  Another favorite from Brandon. He prefers these over any other short sock.

23- Bose Bluetooth Headphones – Brandon and I both have these. We both wear them to the gym. The sound quality is so good!

24- Milwaukee Power Ratchet – A pick from Brandon!

25- Anker Bluetooth Speaker – Any car guy can appreciate good music while working. This bluetooth speaker is a must!

Holiday Gifts for him | 2019 BEST GIFTS FOR HIM by popular California blog, Navy Grace: image of family walking across a suspension bridge.


xo, Camilla

Which of these best gifts for him do you think the main man in your life would love most? Share in a comment below!

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