I made it a goal at the beginning of this year to visit the beach weekly. So far, I am proud to admit that I have done just that! Each week I have found myself at the beach. Mostly in the evening since it has still been a little chillier, but that is sort of the best time I prefer going anyways! I love watching the sunset, when it’s quiet and when I am not sweating!

So I am sure I will have several new beaches to add to my list at the end of the year since I hope to explore new beaches as well this year. But for now, I wanted to share all of our favorite beaches as well as regular ones we find ourselves at often!


Easily one of our favorite beaches!
This has been one we have been going to since we moved here 3 years ago. We love it because we love going and taking visitors to La Jolla Cove to see the sea lions and seals. So after a fun visit around the cove we always hit up the beach.

Free Parking lot with easy beach access
Has showers and restrooms
Fire Pits
Great beach for kids.

We love going to this beach to have a bon fire! Especially when friends are in town.
This beach really does have everything and is one to be sure to visit when coming to San Diego!


Easily our other top choice!
We didn’t discover this beach until after we moved further up north of San Diego and I am so glad we did. It is our favorite beach to go to especially in the evenings!

Free Parking lot with easy beach access – This parking lot is above the beach though and has a long ramp
Has showers and restrooms
Fire Pits
Great beach for kids.
Has Children’s playground too


Carlsbad is one of my favorite cities in San Diego. I just love the vibe the city gives.
This is one beach I love going to when it is just Edison and I. It’s super easy to park and just walk right on to the beach. Just a few steps and you are on the beach. Which is why I love going. It’s more quite here, but if you walk a few blocks you hit the grassy area and downtown Carlsbad which is also fun to walk about and grab a bite to eat!

Easy Access and parking lot with fee
No Bathrooms
No Showers


Not our typical go to beach, but still a favorite of mine.
We love going to this beach for a fun outside activity.
There is a simple hike you can take, and by hike I mean a short dirt path and some stairs. Very simple and fun! Kids can do it!
Parking isn’t always the easiest to find, but can be done!
You hike the trail which takes you to the beach, then you walk along the beach back to you car.
Depends on the time of year, but this beach can be really rocky, which is fun for finding sea shells.

Parking along the roadside
Parking lot with fee – it is smaller though


This beach is the closest to us which is why we love going here!
There is a lot to do around this beach. You can the small downtown of Oceanside, the pier, and pretty beach homes close by.

Parking lot across the street
Food Vendors along beach


Mission + Pacific Beach

These beaches connect together and are so much fun. For sure known as the party beaches in San Diego. Not particularly the beach you go to relax at. But is fun to ride bikes, eat, and walk along the beach front and view the pretty homes and beach rentals.
Parking isn’t always the best just because it is street parking but you can park at a lot a few blocks away.
We love to park at Mission beach, rent bikes there and then ride to Pacific beach toward the pier.

Street Parking
Parking lot a few blocks away
Showers and restrooms
Several restaurants close by


What beaches do you love visiting in San Diego.
I would love for you to share with me, so I can try new ones! Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

xo, Camilla



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