Since we spend quite a bit of our time at the beach, I always make sure I protect myself and my kids from the sun with lots of sunscreen and hats for additional sun protection. Beach hats are actually quite important and something I always make sure to bring when going to the beach. Aside from using sunscreen, beach hats are also a great way to protect your skin from the sun and its harmful effects. Too much unprotected sun exposure can cause skin damage, eye damage, heat exhaustion, skin cancer, and it can cause you to age more quickly as well.

This is why I always apply SPF and bring a beach hat and sunglasses for myself and the kids. So, today I am sharing the BEST BEACH HATS ON AMAZON for the whole family. I think we all know how much I love amazon. If Amazon has it (which most of the time it does),  you bet I will order it from there.

From beach toys to beach hats, they have everything you will need for your beach trip. My favorite beach hats that I love and wear often are usually wide brim sun hats and are made from straw or a raffia material. They are very lightweight but also offer a lot of protection from the sun and the heat. They are also really cute but they’re very versatile as well and are a great addition to completing your beach look. With that being said, I have included several options in all different price points and styles for everyone to love and enjoy.



Best beach hats on amazon

Best beach hats on amazon



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1 // Wide Palma Hat

The famous and very popular Palma hat is the perfect hat for beach days. It is very sturdy, great quality, and looks amazing with any outfit. Aside from how cute it is, its wide flat brim helps keep you cool from the heat and sun.


2 // Wide Brim Panama Fedora

This is by far the best Panama hat on amazon and it has over 3,000 five star reviews. It is made out of a breathable straw material and it is very lightweight and comfortable. This hat can easily be adjusted to your size and also comes with a detachable chin strap you can use when needed. It comes in a few different neutral color options and it also offers ups 50 sun protection.


3 // Women’s Visor in Natural

I am loving this cute visor sun hat so much! It is made from a natural raffia material and its wide brim offers plenty of sun protection to your face and neck. It also offers functionality and comfort and gives you options of wearing your hair up or down which I love!


4 // Women’s Ultrabraid Visor

Really loving this visor for the beach, (wearing it in todays post) it is so darling and would look so cute with any beach outfit. It offers great sun protection with UPF 50+ so you can enjoy your time at the beach worry free! I recently ordered this one and have been loving it so far! It is available in over 10+ different color options and you can currently snag it on sale!


5 // Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are very much in this year, I’ve been seeing them everywhere! There are some really cute styles and options I’ve seen such as this one that I’m loving! They are great for everyday wear but are also great for beach trips. This one has uv sun protection and also comes with a detachable chin strap if needed. It comes in several different color options and is under $20. I just ordered it in the pink color.


6 // Brixton Bells Fedora

This wide brim sun hat is perfect for those really hot and sunny days. The neck lanyard is made of leather, and it is overall really great quality and very sturdy. It is unisex so it is a perfect option for men to wear as well. This one is another great option for mens beach hats as well.


7 // Wide Brim Straw Roll Up Hat

Yet another visor I’m loving! Very similar to #4, giving you sun protection all over the face and neck, and also has high UV UPF protection. It is easily adjustable with velcro and it comes in all your favorite neutral colors such as khaki, beige, black and more. This hat is currently on sale making it under $20.


8 // Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat with Lanyard 

This adorable wide brim sun hat would look so darling with the perfect beach dress! It has UPF 50+ and has an adjustable chin strap that holds your hat in place. It is great quality and also has a sweat absorbent inner band to wick sweat and moisture away during the summer season.


9 // Baseball Cap

You can never go wrong with wearing a baseball cap! It is functional, comfortable, and is great protection from the sun. This one is super affordable and comes in several color options.


10 // Foldable Roll Up Wide Brim Bowknot Summer Straw Hat

This next hat is another great option and it is under $20. It can be rolled up and folded so you can easily toss this in your bag and is great for easy storing. It has a cute bow detail on the back that has velcro so you can easily adjust it to your size, and it is wide enough to protect your face and neck from the sun’s uv rays.



Best beach hats for kids



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1 // White Wide Brim Sun Hat

It is so important to keep your babies cool when you’re out in the warm weather. I love buying sun hats like these for the kids because it keeps them cool and refreshed while staying comfortable in the heat. This one has built in sun protection offering UPF 50+ which will keep them from getting sun burnt. It comes in a few different fun colors, has really great reviews and is under $20!


2 // Wide Brim Bucket Hat

How cute is this floral hat for baby girls?! I am obsessed with this one, and thinking I might order it for Lucy. I love the cute bowknot design and the chinstrap that helps ensure that it will stay on. It has UPF 50+, comes in a few other colors and patterns that are all super cute and it is under $15!


3 // Summer Roll Up Sun Visor Hat

This next hat is another cute option for baby girls. It features a cute bow detail on the back which is velcro so it can be adjusted to fit everyone. It can also be rolled up and is foldable for easy packing and carrying, and it provides the best sun protection to keep the kids safe while playing outside.


4 // Wide Brim Baby Sun Hat

I am also really loving this wide brim baby sun hat. It’s wide floppy brim offers great sun protection and it also has UPF 50+. I love the bow detail, and the chin strap to ensure it stays secure. The material is very breathable and lightweight, and provides ultra comfort for the little ones. It is available in a few different colors and patterns and is under $15.


5 // Tides Straw Sun Hat

This straw hat is a great beach hat option for boys. It has an adjustable chin strap and has an inner sweat wicking band that is great for making sure they stay cool and comfortable.


6 // Wide Brim Bucket Hat in Blue

This is another great option for a wide brim bucket hat that is great for both boys and girls. It provides UPF 50+ protection, is lightweight and breathable and will help keep your babies cool and comfortable. It comes in pink, white, grey, khaki, black and blue and it has a ton of amazing reviews.


7 // Girl’s Striped Sun Hat

This wide brim bucket hat for girls is too cute! This hat has built in sun protection, and adjustable tie straps to make sure it is snug and won’t go anywhere. It’s very lightweight and breathable, and foldable which makes for easy carrying and packing. It comes in a few different colors and patterns and is under $20.


8 // Kid’s Baseball Cap

Last but not least, baseball caps are a really great option for keeping your babies cool and safe from the sun’s harmful effects. They are very comfortable and can easily be adjusted to fit anyone. This one comes in several different colors and patterns, and is great for everyday wear as well as beach trips.

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