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I can’t believe the time has finally come where I started to pack my hospital bag! 
This was one thing I wanted to make sure I did not procrastinate. I tend to put things off, but this on the other hand I decided I just couldn’t. 
Why? well because I don’t trust my husband for one! 🙂 

I didn’t want to stress about going into early labor and not having what I wanted. Because let’s face it, the husband wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to things for the mama, and maybe even the outfit chosen for the baby to come home in. Because we all know how important it is to have that baby looking all cute!! 

I did a lot of research and these are the items I personally feel like I would and do need, however, after I do have the baby, I plan on revising this blog post so I can tell you the things I used or didn’t use, or even wish I had brought! 
So let’s get started. 


First priority. You won’t be able to leave the hospital until you have one!! I have this exact one and love it. 

Take Home Outfit 
Of course we all want our little ones to leave in style! I will actually be using this exact one from Bramble and Bough as my take home outfit. 

Diaper Bag 
Perfect time to get your diaper bag ready for your first outing. Going home! You don’t necessarily need all the essentials as you would for your real first outing, such as diapers, extra outfit, wipes and such. But it already is a great place to keep your baby’s stuff organized from yours. 

Baby Wipes (not pictured) 
Most hospitals (including mine) don’t use baby wipes while the baby is in the hospital. They only use towels with warm water or paper towels. So if you don’t want to use that, I would pack your own! 

2-3 Baby Socks
I packed just a couple pairs of white socks. A lot of moms have told me that they tend to keep their baby in the white half  onesie the hospital provides. So in that case, you will want socks to keep those little feet warm!

1-2 Plain White Onesies (not pictured)
I know the hospital provides the half onesies (almost like a belly shirt) If you want to still keep your baby’s clothing simple, a plain white LONG SLEEVE onesie would be perfect. I made sure to back both a long sleeve and short sleeve. 

1-2 Outfits 
Again, if you are one who want’s your baby to look adorable all the time, pack 1 to 2 outfits. Just a simple onesie and leggings will work perfect! I did go ahead and back two on top of my going home outfit. 

1-2 Hats
A couple hats to keep that little babe of your all warm and bundled!

Hand mittens 
If you bring your own white long sleeve onesies with the hand slips, you won’t need hand mittens. But It wouldn’t be bad to throw in one or two pair. I only packed one! 

I packed 2 swaddles. One I will be using for photos, and of course the other just to snuggle and swaddle my baby in. The hospital does provide receiving blankets. So if you don’t have swaddles, no need to worry! They will have you covered. 

Swaddle Set (not necessary, I’ll explain below)
I am bringing this exact one above. This is something that is not necessary, but I plan on taking the fresh 48 photos and wanted to have my baby in a cute little hat and swaddle combo. 

Portable White Noise Machine 
I have heard from a few different mama friends that it was nice to have some background noise for the baby to sleep at night. With lots of nurses coming in and all the noises happening in the hospital. It helps to calm you and your baby. I have this exact one and love that it does have a place for batteries as well as a wall plug in. 

If you have taken any breastfeeding class, they encourage you to not give you baby a pacifier or any form of nipple replacement until at least 4-6 weeks old. (to help prevent nipple confusion with nursing) So this is something that is totally up to you. 


Duffle Bag
You’ll need something to pack all your goodies in! I am taking this exact one from Sole Society.

Cozy Dress/nursing friendly
I can’t tell you how excited I am about thisDwell and Slumber house dress I am packing with me. I love that it is nursing friendly and easy to pull down for nurses to help with nursing the first few times. 

I’ve heard it can get a little chilly in the hospital room. So I would back a cardigan vs a sweater that way you can still nurse easily if planning to. 

Go Home Outfit
I packed this Loyal Hana dress that is nursing friendly, but a oversized sweater and maternity leggings would work great too. Anything comfortable. Just keep in mind you’ll want to pack something you fit in, when you were 6-7 months pregnant. 

1-2 Pajamas 
I am packing this exact style here fromMaison Du Soir. I love the button down top that way I can nurse easily. I also plan on using my Dwell and Slumber dress to sleep in as well. 

Boppy Nursing Pillow 
If you plan on nursing, I’ve heard the Boppy is MUST. So take this with you, as you’ll want to be the most comfortable while you learn how to nurse. 

Nipple Cream 
So I hear that nipple cream is a godsend! I sure believe it. I have actually started to use this one every morning after I shower. Never to early to start prepping these bad boys 🙂

No one wants to walk bare foot in the hospital, so if you have a pair of slippers, I would highly suggest bringing them. I have this exact pair that I am obsessed with. I am also loving this new pair of yellow slippers from Birdies. If you don’t have any slippers, make sure to pack plenty of socks!

Make up/Make up remover/Deodorant  
Some people may not want to worry about doing their make up, but I on the other hand can’t NOT have it! Especially since photos will be taken, and visitors will stop by. I know that make up is not the most important thing to some, but that is why I plan on getting eyelash extensions so I can still keep my make up minimal. 
Oh and let’s not forget some deodorant. Especially if labor goes extra long 🙂

Cosmetic Bag
If you don’t have one already, you’ll want a cute little bag to organize all your make up in. 

Lip Balm 
I don’t go anywhere with out chapstick, so I made sure to include one in my cosmetic bag as well as baby bag so I am EXTRA prepared!!! 

Shampoo + Conditioner
If you are a little picky with having good hair! I suggest bringing your own travel size shampoo and conditioner. I’ve heard the hospitals isn’t the best 🙂 

Nursing Cover 
If you plan on breastfeeding and having visitors I would pack your carseat/nursing cover from Covered Goods so you feel a little more comfortable. 

Extra Long Phone Charger Cord 
It’s been said by many friends and family, that the outlets in the hospitals rooms aren’t always in the most practical places. So having an extra long cord or extension cord is a necessity. Plus you’ll enjoy having it at home too! 

Nursing Bra 
Again, if you plan on nursing. You’ll want to bring a comfortable nursing bra. I am packing a sports bra style. 
You may not even end up wearing it, due to being skin to skin with you little one so often, but if you have visitors over for awhile, it may be nice to support those boobies! 

Hair Elastic 
I HATE being in a dilemma where you don’t have a hair elastic. No just NO! I especially feel like I’ll want and need one during labor or while learning out to breast feed. 

I am a huge robe person, and I know I won’t be able to leave with out packing mine. I have this particular one from Pink Blush Maternity and know it will be something very comfortable to lounge in and easy to nurse in. Yet still adorable and appropriate for visitors. 
I also packed a simple white one for our Fresh 48 photos. 

During our hospital tour, one thing I noticed was how small and hard the hospital pillows were. So I plan to pack my own pillow that way I can sleep and nap comfortably. 

Bright Pillowcase 
If you plan on bringing your own pillow and you typically have white pillowcases at home, like me. Make sure to pack an extra pillowcase that is not white, or at least has a print on it. That way there is no confusion to the nurses and you can keep track of your pillow. 

This is one item that I have set aside, but will leave in the car unless I really want it. I just love having a cozy blanket to sleep with, so I don’t want to be unprepared 🙂

If you don’t have slippers, you’ll want to pack socks. 

Flip Flops 
I packed a cheap pair of flip flops from Old Navy that way I can shower in them!!!! 

Extra Tote 
A lady in my birthing class recommended to me to pack an extra tote. That way you can have plenty of room to take home all the diapers and pads or anything else the hospital has in your room that is free for you to take home! 

During our birthing class, we were given a hand massager that is literally amazing!! I know my husband will appreciate this when his hands get sore from rubbing my back so much 🙂


1-2 Extra Outfit 
I made sure to pack two shirts and two shorts for my husband, just in case we need to stay a little extra! 

Baseball Hat
In case a shower doesn’t get to happen, a nice hat will do the trick 🙂 

A comfortable pair of shoes will go a long way!

Just necessities 

Toiletry Bag 
To hold all those necessities 

Again with the pillows. A huge must for those huge supporters we now get to call ‘dad’

It always feels nice to have your own blanket to sleep with, and I hear it gets cold!

Someone told me to pack a few dollar bills and quarters that way when you husband gets hungry he can sneak to the nearest vending machine!

Portable Music Player
A lot of people said they loved having their own music during labor to listen to. I packed this, because we already had one. If you don’t have one, I wouldn’t stress about it too much. You can still play the music from your phones speaker. should work too!

We don’t want our husbands to get hungry, so I packed a few of his favorite snacks!

1 -2 pairs of pajamas to sleep in. 

In case it gets a little chilly!

Socks are more comfortable to walk around in after a few hours of tired feet! 

xo, Camilla 


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