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Well.. We will just have to see what I will be changing or adding once I do actually travel with an infant. 
But, if I were to be leaving tomorrow, this is what I would want to take with me. 
I just wanted to break down a few of the items and explain why they are a must have while traveling! 
Also most of these items are on a major sale right now!!! so check them all out!

well.. duh! It is a must you couldn’t go anywhere with out it. Plus this one is on sale right now!

Depending on your type of vacation, I would assume most likely you would want a stroller. I provided three different choices. This one is on sale!! Plus this same one is great for traveling with a very small infant, having the bassinet for strolling purposes as well as sleeping arrangements if you don’t have enough room to bring a pack n play. 

Backpack Diaper Bag 
If you are anything like me (loves backpacks) you will already have one or two intended for diaper bags. It will make traveling on a plane a breeze being hands free of multiple bags. You will love having it as well when you make it to your destination and are still able to have your hands free to snuggle your baby or just push the stroller around. Plus this one here is on sale! 

Traveling Crib 
There are so many different options out there when it comes to traveling cribs. I chose this one here because it is currently on sale. I do also love this one here. This is something that would be great to pack along if you are doing a road trip and staying with family. If you are going to a hotel, call the hotel first and see if they have a bassinet or crib there for you. Most do. 

Wraps + Baby Backpacks
You will want this especially if you are traveling through the airport. Being able to be hands free and able to check your bags while wearing your baby will make these a lot easier. Plus, you can wear your baby in a wrap or backpack through security. They do have to be taken out of the carseat or stroller when you pass through security. It would also come in handy when you are at places that aren’t stroller friendly like hiking or other outdoor adventures. You will wish you had a backpack. 

Toys + Books 
Depending on the age of your child you will plan accordingly. You won’t need to pack too many toys when they are infants, maybe just books for something new and bright for them to look at. Making sure they always have something when they are older and more alert will take stress off of you. 

Wraps + Blankets 
I don’t think I will go anywhere without packing a swaddle or two. 
Good for when you are about to board your plane and need to just lie down your baby to have them get all their wiggles out before being held for many hours. 
Good for keeping your baby warm and cozy
Good for a nursing cover 
Good for cleaning up spit up or any other messes
this one on sale!

White Noise Machine
I would pack this along especially if your baby is already used to having a white noise machine during nap time or bedtime. It will help them feel at home with something they are use to. 

White Onesies 
Because you never know how many accidents will happen. Having multiple back up onesies will be a life changer. 

Doc A Tot
I would highly suggest taking this if you aren’t planning on taking a Traveling Crib. You could still arrange a place for them on the sofa, floor, or in bed with you. 

Car Mirror 
Making a road trip for you a lot easier, plus it is good to have just for your everyday car rides. While making you feel comfortable seeing your baby’s every move, it is also fun for them to see themselves! 

xo, Camilla 


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