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Okay, I felt like today was the perfect day to start my weekly Baby Registry Wish Lists. Because I have found two strollers that are on sale right now! ThisCity Select Stroller is on sale for $423.99 normally $499.99. AND comes in 4 different colors. Any savings help when it comes to purchasing such a big item!  You can also get theBaby Jogger City Select Stroller with the second seat attached is on sale for $559.95 when it is normally $669. 

I actually just purchased my stroller last week (if you have me on snapchat *camthurman* you have already seen) but, I decided to go with the Uppa Baby/Vista stroller with the Nuna Carseat. I made this decision based on which stroller I felt most comfortable with. After pushing around stroller after stroller in Nordstrom I just fell in love with the Uppa Baby and love that it comes with the bassinet. I of course loved the Bugaboo stroller and Stokke, but I felt that they didn’t have a large enough undercarriage basket. I know that baby’s come with a lot of baggage 🙂 In the nicest way, so I loved that the Uppa Baby had a huge undercarriage basket! Plus my husband liked that we saved a few hundred dollars deciding those two weren’t the best fit for us. 🙂 

A good blogger friend of mine suggest to me that I also get the BOB stroller. Two Strollers?? I know that’s what you are thinking.. but she made a great point. You spend so much money on theUppa Baby/Vista that you want to keep it in prestige shape. The BOB is perfect for those outdoor adventures, hiking, anywhere where it is going to get dirty and of course the ultimate reason being a jogger stroller. She said she waited until she found a good deal and pulled the trigger when it came down to $200. So I will do my waiting and of course let you know when it goes on sale!! 

​I did get the attachments (#10) which converts the Nuna Carseat to the Uppa Baby/Vista Stroller. You’ll need those 🙂  I also purchased the Skip Bop stroller organizer (#8) over the Uppa Baby one (#4) because it is bigger and has more storage and room for drinks. However, I am actually debating with only putting on the stroller oranizer for long days and just using the clips for my diaper bag and have the cup holder (#5) instead for quick errands.
I feel like I won’t know which I prefer until I actually start using the stroller 🙂 What did you find you liked best?  

xo, Camilla 


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  1. Jay
    November 14, 2016 / 9:03 pm

    Question for you:) Why did you decide the nuna car seat over the Uppa baby car seat? Congrats on the new baby. Hope your family is doing well

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