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Again, here I am not being an expert here, but I have done my homework and found some of the best items to have around your house to give you baby a good night’s sleep, or daytime naps. While still giving you the opportunity to get rest yourself. 

I have found four different types of bassinets in hopes that one of these will grab your attention if you are on the hunt for one. I love the convince of the Halo sleeper. The fact that you can roll it right up to your bedside and bend over the edges makes those long nights nursing and making sure baby is doing okay through out the night so much easier. I also love the style and look of this Land of Nod bassinet. I would love to have this exact one in my nursery, or down in my living room as a place to rest the sweet little babe. And of course  you can’t go wrong with a moses woven bassinet like this one from Plum and Sparrow. I am just waiting for mine to come in the mail and can’t wait to lay my baby in it. 🙂

Even though you won’t be needing this for quite some time when you first have a baby. It will be nice to have a nursery set up and ready to go when you are ready to transition your baby to their own room. I am in love with this particular one from All Modern

Anything to help sleep come easier for the little one is a must. 

Probably the next best thing. This Owlet Baby Monitor takes the stress and worrisome away, so you can rest your eyes. It is a small device (sock) that you strap onto the bottom of your baby’s foot. It monitors your baby’s breathing and heart rate levels and alerts you if something isn’t right straight to your phone.
Use this code here for $20 off your Owlet order

This Dock a Tot is an item that has been highly recommend to me. It is something you can use if you choose to co-sleep with your baby. Even if it is just for a few hours through out the night, you won’t have the stress of harming your little one. It helps the baby feel like they are in their own bed, even lying next to you. Plus it fits easily into a crib. 

I have already done an entire post about swaddles. (see here) But of course could talk about them again and again. They are such an important item to have. And not just to have one or two laying around the house, I’m talking like 10. That way you always have one in arms reach, one in your bag, and a quick cover up while nursing. And of course, a great investment to swaddle your little baby up to give them a good night’s sleep. I especially love the Aden and Anais, Modern Burlap, and Lou Lou and Company. 

I am always blown away at all the item you have to have for a new baby, but I feel this is one that would get used more than you think. Having a quick and easy place to lay your baby down would make my life easier. Plus it is one that you can carry around the house, unlike a bassinet or bouncer. 

I forgot to add the image of this one here, but I did show this sleep sack/velcro swaddle. These two items seem like they would be a dream in the middle of the night when you are running on almost no sleep. Less work for you and perfect for the baby. 

I also did an entire post on bouncers, see here. I have spoke to so many mamas and everyone has mentioned to invest in the 4moms Mamaroo. It is different that most rockers and bouncers. It recreates the movements that you make while holding your baby. And of course, you can feel comfortable walking away from your baby as they are strapped in. 

xo, Camilla 


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    How do you make collages like this with the numbers and the title? Thanks!

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