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Well I can finally give you some advice for the first time on this Baby Registry Wish List.
Up until now everything you’ve seen for the baby is things that were recommended to me, or just highly rated.
But today I wanted to share many things that I feel are Pregnancy Essentials and of course being a new mama.


Oils and Creams
I haven’t reached the point where I have got any stretch marks and I am hoping to keep it that way. I found this Mother’s Special Blend and started using it when I was about 13 weeks pregnant. I put it on every morning after the shower and after applying my daily lotion.
I also have been mixing in the Mumsie Stretch Mark relief oil since it has a few extra ingredients than the Mother’s Special Blend.
I even started using the cream version of the Mumsie Stretch Mark relief product at night time right before bed.
I tell you, I don’t want those stretch marks to come!!

Good Skin Care Line
I recently was approached by Mumsie. Which is a skincare line specifically for pregnant women. I have only been using it for the last couple of weeks, but I will say, between using the products and getting a facial my face has cleared up! Thank the angels above!! I haven’t always had the best clear skin, and pregnancy hasn’t helped it by any means 🙁 So right now, I have been using the Daily Facial Moisturizer, Gentle Cleansing facial wash, and the Lifting and Firming night cream from Mumsie. I have been very impressed, plus the smell is amazing!

Comfy Slip On Shoes
I have always been a fan on Birkenstocks. But I will tell you that I love them even more now that I am pregnant. I love that they are super comfortable and that they are slip ons. There are a few times, (usually after a big meal) where I am sitting down and bending over to put my shoes on and OUCH it hurts a little. So these shoes are a must!

Comfy Cotton Dress
I have been living in dresses all summer long. Honestly… who can even wear pants during pregnancy. I am just thankful that it is summer and I can wear dresses everyday. I can’t imagine it being in the dead of winter and me having to wear pants on the daily.
So, I love myself a good cotton swing dress for when I am home on my off days as well. Of course black is a good color to go with!

I am currently reading both of these books here and here.
I love reading What to Expect When you are Expecting because I love knowing what my body will start to do before it starts to happen, and information about the baby as it grows each week. People at first scared me off from reading this book, only because it can make you nervous of things happening to your baby. So far it hasn’t scared me off!  I just try not to think to much about it.
I just started reading Baby Wise, and already love it. I haven’t gotten too far into yet to really share enough detail, but what I have heard is people love it because it helps you learn different techniques you can do once the baby arrives for a better nights sleep for you and the baby.

Body Pillow
This is actually one thing I haven’t used yet. (thankfully I have been sleeping great up to this point) However, I know the day will come when sleep will become my worst enemy and I already plan on purchasing this body pillow. I will keep you posted as to how I love it!

If I am not in a dress while I am at home you can find me in leggings. I love this pair here because the band is tall enough to cover your entire belly. Nothing drives me more crazy than thick lines  you can see if you are wearing a tight shirt. So this pair is worth the investment!!

Prenatal Vitamins
I started taking these vitamins the minute I found out I was pregnant. I love this particular kind because they are a soft gel and are very easy to swallow.

Belly Band 
Again, this is something I haven’t needed to use yet. Although there are times where I wish I had one. So I am sure here in the next couple of weeks I will go ahead and purchase this one. I love that it is a narrow band, compared to many thick ones out there!

Maternity Jeans
Okay, Okay. I know I just went on and on about how I never wear pants. But yes, I actually still wear them. I usually try to wait until the evenings when it has cooled off. But I bought another pair of Topshop maternity pants and love the fit of them. I am currently debating if I should get this pair or not. I love the color and the holes in the knees!! Too perfect!

Just because even leggings can be too uncomfortable at times. A good pair of sweatpants will go a long ways during pregnancy.
Am I right??

Nursing Bra
So not necessarily something a pregnant woman needs quite yet. But I would suggest getting some now! That way you are all set and prepared for when baby makes their debut. I would hate showing up at the hospital and not having one packed in my bag!
I just recently got both of these. I chose this one here because it s a more sports bra style bit. Good for those days you don’t plan on leaving your house.
I also got this underwire one for those days I do plan on leaving. I love how both of them fit.  I actually still have plenty of room for when the milk comes in (TMI 🙂


​xo, Camilla


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