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Oh it is pretty fun switching up your wardrobe when the belly starts to grow! 
So today I wanted to share with you all of the Maternity Must Have Essentials when it comes to getting the basic items. 
It’s funny how I am now coming to the end of this little phase and now entering the Nursing chapter. Where my entire wardrobe will change YET again!!!!! 
All for good causes right! 🙂 I am just happy that I am starting in the fall and I can wear all the plaid button up’s that I want 🙂

You’ll notice on here several dresses. That is because I LIVED in dresses all summer. So I want to break down the different types of dresses to get you through the next 9 months!

House Dress
I can’t tell you how much I wore the heck out of simple t-shirt, cotton dresses. I call them my ‘house dress’ because the minute I came home, that is all I wanted to wear! I recently ordered one from Dwell and Slumber and can’t wait to get it in the mail. I love it because it is the perfect house dress, especially after the baby arrives too because it is nursing friendly!

Going Out Dress
I have two different choices here and here
I loved having a couple of different choices to choose from especially since I attend church each Sunday. 
Plus it’s just a fun excuse to dress up the bump for a fun night out with the hubs!

T-shirt Dress
And the heavens spoke to me!!! I couldn’t have survived without a couple of cute T-shirt dresses. 
It is basically the ‘public appropriate’ version of the house dress! I always made sure to have a black one on hand like this one here, because you can pair it with so much! I am also loving this mauve colored one for Fall. 

Maxi Dress
I loved wearing maxi dresses in the summer because if I got too hot I could always sprawl out and no one would see my goods 🙂 Plus they are just comfortable. 
I also feel it is great for Fall and Winter to help keep your legs warm! 

I lived in leggings, if I wasn’t in a dress! 
Especially now that it has started to cool off. I will admit, my Lululemon ones I have, loved them up until about month 7-8. 
I felt that they started to get a little bit too tight around my belly area. That is why I love these ones here from Blanqi. I have two different pairs and love that I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore in them.
I also love that I still feel acceptable to wear them with a longer tee and can go out in public!

Lounge Pants 
Again.. now that it has cooled off I have found myself wanting to wear more pants. 
Especially while I am home, COMFORT IS KEY!!! I recently got this pair from Legoe and have been wearing them non stop! 
I just love this pair from Asos and think I need them for post baby!

Maternity Jeans
Maternity jeans can be a bit tricky when it comes to being comfortable, and I always made sure they fit a little bit looser than I normally would buy or I would go into a panic attack 🙂 
I would invest in two different pairs. A black (distressed) pair, and a dark or light denim depending on the season. Although you can never go wrong with dark. It just may be a little too HOT in the heat! 
I could always find good maternity jeans from Topshop, H&M, Seraphine and James jeans
A lot of people don’t have to purchase maternity jeans. I didn’t at first and would just use a hair elastic and loop it around the button. However when I did purchase my first pair of maternity jeans I couldn’t believe how much more comfortable I was. So to me it is worth the investment!! Being comfortable is hard alone while pregnant.. so why not help out in any way you can!!! 

Basic Tee 
A good basic tee goes a LONG ways!!! I invested in a white and black one and I wore the heck out of them. 
I have these exact ones from Motherhood Maternity and loved how they fit. Wasn’t too snug, yet still hugged my bump! 
I would wear these a lot at home or on my days off with a pair of leggings! 

Extra Long Tank
A good piece of investment if you don’t plan on buying maternity jeans. It would be a good thing to have to help cover the space where you use a hair elastic to hold your pants together. I would also suggest in getting one that already has a supportive band in it. I have this one here and really love it! 

Going out Tops
Of course you need these!! I actually didn’t purchase hardly any actual ‘maternity’ blouses. I just shopped around and found oversized or long blouses that seemed to work great. 
Loving this one here and here

In the spring and now Fall I have found that I love to layer on top of my dresses. That is where a good jacket, chambray button down, or cardigan would come in handy. I loved that it instantly added chicness to my t-shirt dress!

Easy Access Sandals 
Thank goodness for easy to put on sandals!! Especially my Birkenstocks
I also have this pair here and even though I had to tie them, they were still super comfortable and allowed my feet so swell 🙁 

Easy Access Booties
Now that it is Fall, having an easy slip on bootie like these or this pair that has a simple easy zipper will change your life! 
Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to breathe or let alone do up your shoe after trying for some time!

I have worn more sneakers in the time I have been pregnant than my entire life!! 
I just loved being comfortable and having my feet sturdy. 
I have this particular pair in a few different colors, loving this burgundy right now. I love that I can just slip them on. No need for tying!

It’s fun to have a little accessory to play with. I loved having a brown and black belt to throw on oversized dresses to give them a feminine touch!

Thank heavens for backpacks
You get tired more often while you are pregnant and so not having the hassle a typical cross body bag can give, gave me more reasons to love on my backpack!!

Even if you don’t know if you are going to need one, it is nice to have on hands! I love this one here. I have the pink version of it and love how it fits! 

I wanted to end with a list of my go-to places to shop online for maternity clothing
Asos – especially for dresses 
Loyal Hana 
Envie de Fraise 
Motherhood Maternity 
Nom Maternity 
James Jeans
​Pink Blush Maternity 
Isabella Oliver ​

xo, Camilla 


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