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OH BOY!!!! 
This sure is the longest of the Baby Registry Wish List that I have yet to do, but I just want to make sure I am 100% prepared for anything to happen when I am out and about the first few times with the new little man. 
I would hate to forget something and feel a little lost, ha whom I kidding, I will be a little lost no matter what! 🙂

Of course there are a few items like the rattle, Sophie the giraffe, and moccasins that aren’t really needed right away with a newborn. But I am sure I will transition them in sooner than later so I decided to include them in today’s post!

So if these small photos seem to be a little overwhelming, I will go ahead and break down each item below!

The Diaper Bag
I will be using this exact diaper bag at the beginning, but I also have this one here and here which I love too!

Diaper Rash Cream 
Always keep this on hand. My sister in law uses it every time she changes a diaper and not just when a rash appears! 

Hand Sanitizer 
I am HUGE on hand sanitizer and always keep one in my handbag, so of course I had to include this. Plus if you decide to leave the house while the baby is still small. Ask people to use sanitizer before holding the little one. 

Diaper Disposable Bags 
For those moments you aren’t right near a trash can! 

Extra Outfit for Baby 
I feel like this is one of those things that I would run out of the house without grabbing!! So in that case, I hope to always have one or two white onesies in my diaper bag, for those emergencies when I do forget to pack an extra outfit for those darn blowouts. 

Extra White Onesie
Read above!!! That way the little guy won’t be completely naked if I forget an extra outfit! 

Something not needed right away, but I know I will soon be needing some toys, so I went ahead and included it! 

Maybe not just one but two always on hand! I included two favorites the Natursutton and the Wubbanub. That way if you forget one at the store or loose it somewhere in your car you have an extra one on hand!  

​Pacifier Clip 
To help prevent you from loosing the Natursutton pacifier or any brand you prefer. 🙂

Nursing Cover
I plan on nursing, so a cover is a must for me! I happen to love the Covered Goods brand because it doesn’t just serve as a nursing cover but also a carseat cover and even a swaddle. 

Again, not needed right away! But they are just too cute to pass up! 

An obvious! I am hoping I don’t forget to pack extra each time!! But if I am planning on being out a few hours to always have 3 or 4 on hand! 

Can’t go anywhere without wipes!!!! 

Baby Socks
Extra socks, incase the weather decides to change, or you loose one sock, because that always seems to happen 🙂

Nail Clippers 
I bought this exact pair and love that I can keep one at home and one in the diaper bag!

Gas Drops 
Again, nice to have one on the go and at home!

Sophie the Giraffe 
Not needed right away, but again you’ll eventually add it to the diaper bag 🙂

Chapstick for Mom
If you are anything like me, I can’t go anywhere without chapstick. So I will make sure to buy an extra one to always keep in the diaper bag!

Water Bottle for Mom
Since I have been pregnant I can’t leave the house without a water bottle, and I hear it only get’s worse while you are nursing. So a water bottle is a must!

Nursing Pads 
To help prevent those leaking moments! 

Extra shirt for Mom
For those leaking moments you can’t control 🙂

Another must I always have to have in my handbag.. so why not transfer to your new ‘everyday’ bag! 

In other words, a HUGE lifesaver to saving your baby’s clothing. 

That’s a must 🙂

Baby Carrier or Wrap 
For those small trips where you don’t want to pack the stroller or carseat around! 

I know I will always have at least one, if not two Muslin swaddles in my bag. They will work great for covering the carseat during naps, a blanket for the little guy in the carseat, a nursing cover or even for those little messes to clean up!

Snack Containers for Mom
Again, since being pregnant I don’t leave the house without some snacks. So I know I will make sure to continue this habit while nursing!

Changing Pad 
Most diaper bags come with a changing pad, but incase you have one that doesn’t I really like this one here + here!

Burp Cloths (not pictured) 
Oh how did I forget to add Burp Cloths… A huge must!!!

xo, Camilla 


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    November 8, 2017 / 3:52 am

    My kids always use to waste their diapers all the time so I have to carry some extra all the time while going out. It sure was a good idea to use these diaper bags that you have got here.

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