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Well I may not be the biggest expert when it comes to diaper bags but there are a few things that I can help with. 
Because let’s be honest, we want to be fashionable over functionality, right?? Sort of! 
Luckily I was able to find both.

Since I havn’t had a child and don’t know which diaper bag method I prefer I decided to ask my mama friends and see what worked best for them. Here is a few things they recommended. 
Have enough space
Lots of compartments 
Comfortable for long days 
Able to access bag with one hand
I found that all of these reasons were SO important so I started the hunt to find myself the perfect diaper bag. 

What I found that I liked was a lot of the backpack styles, especially for those long days where you are out on the go. 
It was a huge toss up between the Fawn Design, Honest Co, andPetunia Pickle Bottom. What I love that all of these three have in common is the neutral and unisex color. You can use this bag for each baby that you have. Plus, your husband wont feel silly carrying it around since it isn’t too girly. I love that the Fawn Design and Petunia Pickle Bottom have large openings where you can see inside your entire bag plus easy access pockets on the outside. 

I also decided that I would want a cross body diaper bag, for two reasons.
1. I think it could get a little overwhelming when you have a crying newborn in your arms and your bag is on your back and not easy access. So hence the cross body you are still able to hold your little babe while still having easy access to anything you need.
2. I feel that a cross body or shoulder bag is more appropriate for church and fancy dinners and outings like this Kate Spade or Rebecca Minkoff

So there you have it! Now it comes down to me deciding which diaper bag I am going to choose for myself. 
decisions, decisions… 

​Oh ALSO… We find out the gender of our baby this morning!!!!!!!!! 
What do you think it will be? 
Boy or Girl???? 

xo, Camilla 


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