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Isn’t a fresh clean baby just the best thing ever? 
Yes, yes it is. That is why today I wanted to focus my Baby Registry Wish List around everything you will need to bath your small new little bundle. 
I added several hooded towels because I think it is always the best when you get to snuggle a little naked baby wrapped up. I mean 🙂 
But besides that, I include the Boon tub which is a great piece of investment once the baby gets a little bigger, I also love that it is collapsible for easy storage. After the first few weeks of sponge bathing, I would recommend the Puj. The Puj is an insert that fits right into your sink, perfect size for little one. 

What baby lotion and shampoo is your favorite? I have always been impressed with Burts Bees, The Honest Company, and Johnsons, but have never used the baby products. So I would love to know what you use? 

xo, Camilla 


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