Happy Mama Monday!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about today’s post! First because it has been so fun to look up all the baby girl things. All clothing, bow, accessories, to nursery decor. I just started looking so I included two different vibes and styles I am loving. But who knows, maybe after more research I will change my mind. As of right now, I am loving the mauve pink tones for a nursery theme.

Another reason I wanted to share this specific post today was because I saw such a great response on all baby girl brands, as well as so many of you who are interested in these items for little girls! With that being said, I have also had several requests to share baby boy IG brands, so I will be doing that soon.

Today this baby girl essentials post is focused on 3 different categories. Baby Essentials, Nursery Decor, and Baby Girl Clothing and Accessories. With baby essentials, I included several of my very favorite items, but I also included items that are on my wishlist. Items that I would love to hear from you if you have and your thoughts on them. I will share below which items I would love any thoughts and recommendations on.

BABY GIRL ESSENTIALS, NURSERY DECOR + CLOTHING featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace


BABY GIRL ESSENTIALS, NURSERY DECOR + CLOTHING featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace All the Baby Number Two Essentials, including nursery decor for a baby girl, and top brands for baby girl clothing and accessories.

1 – Snuggle Me Organic

Alright friends, this is one item I keep seeing everywhere and am curious what your thoughts are on it? I have a Dock A Tot and loved it! But keep hearing reviews are better with the Snuggle Me Organic. So let me know.

2 – SNOO Bassinet

Another item I really want! But, is it worth it. The looks and designs are super chic and modern. I love the idea of it rocking the baby. So if you have one, tell me your opinion.

3 – Wildbird Sling Baby Carrier

Have this and love it! I actually only wore Edison once he was a little older. Maybe 6 months or so. I prefer the Solly Baby Wrap for the newborn phase. However, the sling is a little more quicker and convenient to put on quickly.

4 – Little Unicorn Swaddles

We have so many Little Unicorn Swaddles and love them.

5 – Maxi Cosi Infant Carseat

Opinions needed! Who has the Maxi Cosi Carseat, and do you love it? I currently have the Nuna Pipa, but have always heard the Maxi Cosi is lighter and works great with my Uppa Baby Stroller a little better.

6 – Solly Baby Wrap

A newborn baby essential must have. I couldn’t have survived the first year without my Solly Baby. I would wear this every single day. At one point it was the only way I could get Edison to take his second nap for the day. Plus, I loved the bond we had.

7 – Copper Pearl Nursing Cover/Carseat Cover

Another must have! I love these, both for the fact that it is a great nursing cover, but love being able to keep the baby out of the breeze, and from people peeking in.

8 – Solly Baby Swaddle

I love these swaddles. The material is unreal and so great to throw in a diaper bag since they are more compact than the traditional muslim swaddle

9 – Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

You all should know I love my Freshly Picked Diaper bag, read here why?

10 – Dock A Tot

I loved our Dock A Tot! Being able to lay Edison anywhere, knowing he couldn’t roll away was such a peaceful feeling. I also loved this for traveling. We would co sleep while traveling and it worked great. Lastly, It fit perfect in my Halo Bassinet

11 – Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

Number one reason we love this stroller is it grows with the family. You can read more about why I love it here.

12 – Bibs USA Pacifier

Opinions needed!! Alright friends, so Edison never took a pacifier. I am seriously debating if I want to introduce baby to a pacifier. Parts of me say YES! in the car, during moments when I can’t nurse right away etc. But the other parts of me says NO! weaning, not sleeping because the pacifier falls out etc. So tell me, have you had a child that took a pacifier did you love it?

13 – LuluJo Swaddles

How darling are these prints!

14 – Rock n Play

Opinions Needed! I remember seeing this everywhere when I had Edison. I have always heard great things about it and want to know if it is worth it. Why did you love yours?

15 – Mebie Baby Swaddle

Okay, but how about this print. They also make this print in crib sheets too.

16 – Charlie Crane Baby Rocker

Seeing this everywhere and loving the looks of this. Do you have one? Do you love it?


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BABY GIRL ESSENTIALS, NURSERY DECOR + CLOTHING featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace


1 – West Elm Glider – Also really loving this one from Crate & Barrel Kids which is a high contender due to the price point and that it reclines. Where have you gotten a glider from?

2 – Wallpaper – Such a cute and fun print for a nursery

3 – Baby Letto Crib in White and Natural Wood – As I mentioned above, I don’t know what kind of vibe I want to commit to just yet for the nursery. So I included two different themes and cribs that I have loved.

4 – Black Crib – Love this classic crib style. Also loving the black too. Under $200 too

5 – Tassel Floor Lamp – I adore this. So girly!

6 – Round Mustard Pillow – Loving the color combo of these two pillows

7 – Blush Pillow – Darling pillow with the tassel

8 – Rainbow Blanket – How cute is this blanket?

9 – Rainbow Pillow – Cutest little pillow. Loving the colors in this rainbow

10 – Brass Mobil – I never did a mobil in Edison’s Nursery and really want to do one for baby girl. Loving this one

11 – Triple Bulb Floor Lamp – Okay, but this lamp though is so perfect!

12- Mauve Laundry Basket – Darling shape and color for a laundry basket

13 – Pink Wallpaper Mural – I saw this and fell in love immediately. I love that it is girly, but not over the top. The colors are perfect.

14 – Printed Rug – Adoring this rug, especially if I go with the mural I linked above.


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BABY GIRL ESSENTIALS, NURSERY DECOR + CLOTHING featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

1 – Solly Baby Layette Set

2 – LuLu + Roo Romper

3 – Floral

4 – Ciala Co Leather Bows

5 – Anchore Deep Set

6 – Quincy Mae Wrap Top

7 – Quincy Mae Bloomers

8 – Pip + Willow Socks

9 – Goosebumps Jammies

10 – Quincy Mae Onesie

11 – Poppy Lane + Co

12 – Rainbow Row Bracelet 

13 – Honey Bonnet Beige

14 – Jamie Kay Romper

15 – Bloomers

16 – Reverie Threads Burnt Orange Romper

17 – Little Lady Bows

18 – Jamie Kay Onesie

19 – Reverie Threads Pink Romper

20 – Anchore Deep Shorts

21- Honey Bonnet Gingham

22 – Little Poppy Co Bows – Just subscribed to this monthly bow company! I have always loved their bows and heard amazing things about the brand.

Cozyz – Not pictured, but love their jammies and their swaddles


BABY GIRL ESSENTIALS, NURSERY DECOR + CLOTHING featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

xo, Camilla


  1. Mariel
    February 4, 2019 / 6:59 pm

    I used the rock n play for my son and loved it. I used it as a bassinet and would nap there during the day. Just ordered the dockAtot but now undecided if I should return it. I have also heard the snuggle me is better and much cheaper.

  2. Kayla
    February 5, 2019 / 7:32 pm

    I’m still so excited your having a girl! We are due with our second (I have a 20 month old girl) end of June and find out on Thursday what we are having! We had the maxi cosi for our daughter and when she outgrew it switched to the Nuna Rava. I don’t know the difference between the infant and convertible but I will for sure be getting the Pipa for the baby. The straps always seemed to get twisted on the maxi cosi…always. Also, one strap would constantly be longer than the other and I could never get the chest plate even then and that made me frustrated. I always undid all the straps and would have it perfect until the next use. And to me, I feel like it was a little over stuffed. I’ve heard a lot of people like the maxi cosi but have also said if you can afford the Nuna to get it. I liked the Maxi cosi but the Nuna is love.

    • Camilla
      February 7, 2019 / 1:46 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion on this! It is really helpful. I made such a silly mistake though. When I linked the Maxi Cosi carseat, I really meant to share the Uppa Baby carseat. Which is what I intently am debating. Since I already have the Uppa Baby Stroller. Mom/pregnant brain. Am I right! 🙂

      • Kayla
        February 10, 2019 / 6:29 pm

        Haha I hear you on the pregnancy/mom brain. I recently heard the Uppa Baby car seat is awesome as will as the Nuna so now I’ll have to figure it out since I heard the Uppa Baby Stiller is awesome for a growing family. We found out we’re having a boy this time so I’ve been browsing through some of your old posts of Edison! Thanks for all you do. Love your style and following you.

  3. Victoria
    February 11, 2019 / 4:56 am

    I was deciding between the nuna pipa and maxi cosi with my first to go with my uppababy. The connector for the Nuna that I bought allows for one handed removal of the car seat on the back from the stroller where the one for maxi cosi you have to use both hands to unlock the right and left side simultaneously. So that was the deciding point for me! And I now have the maxi cosi toddler seat and the straps are super annoying and tough to pull not sure if the infant seat would be similar.
    I also think the specs show the Nuna to be slightly lighter than the maxi cosi. Or at least a couple years ago It was!

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