Angelcare AC510 Monitor 

If you were following along my journey of being pregnant, you would have noticed my Baby Registry Wish List (see here for more) One thing I never did include on any of those wish lists was a video baby monitor. Now, it’s not because I didn’t want one, because I felt that it was a MUST and something I would love having down the road. It was because I felt that I hadn’t found the perfect one just yet.

I have been using this specific monitor for about 2 months now and have been in love with it. I love feeling so much more at ease with nap time and of course throughout the night soon! (still havn’t switched the little man over to his crib for nighttime, only naps)
Before having the Angelcare monitor I was running up stairs peeking into Edison’s nursery every 5 seconds making sure he was breathing or to see if he had woken  up. However, now that I have this wonderful device, I can go downstairs work on the computer, take the trash out, clean or even try to nap all while carefully watching and listening for Edison to wake up. 

I sometimes even find it fun to watch him wake up and just look around the room, probably wondering where the heck his mama is 🙂 It sure is such a relief knowing all is well! Again, like mentioned above, I have yet to use the Camera at night time just because Edison still sleeps in the bassinet next to my bed. ( we are currently working on a sleep schedule this month) But considering I am already obsessed with it during nap time, I know night time will be no different. Especially since the nursery is on the opposite side if  the house than my room.

Here are a few other things I love about the Angelcare AC510 Monitor and why I chose it over other competitors. 

5 inch  LCD screen 
Touchscreen Display
Camera reads room temperature 
Two Way Talk 
Night vision 
Zoom in/zoom out capabilities 

I hope you will choose Angelcare for your monitor. 
Make sure to check out their site for this exact monitor as well as others. 

xo, Camilla 

​Thank you to Angelcare for contributing to this post. All thoughts and words are my own

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