Out of all the sales happening this week and this month! The Amazon Prime Day sale is hands down my favorite!
We have multiple amazon packages shipped to our home weekly. From forgetting something at the store, to our favorite items we have subscribed, to old favorites! We couldn’t survive without Amazon and better yet their 2 day FREE shipping!

I love using Amazon Prime to order friends and family gifts. I am always a last minute thinker so when birthdays come around, the quick and free shipping saves the day!

What are you buying this year from the Amazon Prime Day Sale??




Amazon Echo

We have the main hub in our kitchen and use it constantly! Several times a day. We use alexa to play music, add items to our grocery list, add items to our to-do list, tell us the weather, answer questions etc. But my most favorite feature is being able to be in any room in our house, think of an item I need to add to our grocery store list, and tell alexa right away before forgetting.

Kid Pajama Set

Such a good deal. They may not be part of the sale, but they are under $15 and a great purchase for your kids. Size up a size that way they can grow into them. I just ordered Edison two pairs of these in the shorts set.

Owlet Baby Monitor

Such a peace of mind if you have a baby. We use ours every night. It is especially nice since Lucy sleeps pretty well and we aren’t up multiple times a night. I also love it when we transfer our babies into their own room

Roomba Vacuum

We have had this for almost 3 years. It really is such a great little electronic to add to your home. If you have children or a dog, this really should be a no brainer

Folex Carpet Cleaner

Just ordered this today. I have heard so many great things about this amazing carpet cleaner. I decided why not just give it a try since it is on sale!

Portable Phone Charger

I can’t live without this thing!!! I even use it while I am home, and don’t want to be away from my phone. But it is great for traveling too!

Amazon Dot

We have these in multiple rooms in the house. Edisons room, our bathroom, and the garage! And I still feel like I want one in a few other rooms in our house!

Apple Air Pods

Just got these for Brandon for his birthday! He loves them. He uses them at the gym, and loves being able to use them while we works and talks to multiple customers on the phone every day. We got the wireless case which is an extra cost, but he loves them.

Apple Watch

Okay, really considering this purchase! I have been wanting an apple watch for awhile. so why not now!

Lululemon Dupe Leggings

I have these and love them! They are great, inexpensive, and hold up well with washes You’ll be hooked!

Hanging Plant

Just ordered this! My friend Latisha has had this in her home for awhile so I am now getting it while it is on sale!


We love these puzzles for Edison

Egg Cooker

I have had this for 3 years! Can’t make a hard boiled egg without it!

Hair Crimper

Just ordered this! Can’t wait to try it out!!

Grease Pan Cover

I love these and use it all the time while cooking! It keeps the grease off the stove top and counters. And keeps me from getting splashed with got grease!

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

\If you get one thing from todays sale! GET THIS!!! I finally bought myself one after telling myself I wanted it for 4 years! I am so mad I waited so long. I use it constantly to vacuum my hardwood floors, clean up messes after Edison is done eating, clean the couch etc.

Snake Plant

Such another good faux plant that is on sale!

Skip Hop Diaper Bag

I LOVE this bag for traveling!!! you can read more of my reveal here

Chaco Sandals

Thinking about getting these! I love them in the neutral cream color




xo, Camilla



AMAZON PRIME DAY: BEST DEALS FOR KIDS AND THE HOME featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

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