Happy Monday Mamas!! Today I wanted to combine all of my favorites from the Amazon Prime Sale as well as several products I purchased throughout the year being a new mom.
I shared a little brief of 7 Mom Talk Monday posts that I used Amazon to make several of these purchases. I use Amazon a few times a week and know that even though some of these items aren’t on sale they are still worth looking into!


Roomba Vacuum – I have talked about this vacuum here! We really do love it and use it daily!

Echo– We only have one Echo in the house, in the kitchen, and dots around the house. I was sure Edison’s first word was going to be “alexa” Because we use it multiple times a day. My favorite is playing music, turning off and on the tv and adding to our lists.

Echo Dot – We have a couple of these around the house and really love being able to add anything to our shopping lists, ask the weather, time, etc.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum – This is sitting in my cart right now. I have been wanting this vacuum for a while now and just need to pull the trigger!

Clarisonic Mia Cleanser – Have this Mia and use it weekly! I keep it in the shower and use it once or twice a week.

Anker Portable Charger – I don’t ever travel without this charger. But I don’t just use it while traveling. I even use it at home when I don’t want to be too far away from my phone! It can hold up to 8 full charges. Plus if you are traveling with friend or other family members you can charge up to 3 devices at once!

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker – I have shared this egg cooker on my stories a few times because I really love and use it often. One would think making hard boiled eggs is not hard. But for me, I obviously fail it every time!! I love that I do minimal work and get the perfect hard boiled egg every time. plus easy to peel too!

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Car Seat – The carseat we got for Edison. We are so happy with our decision and love it!



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Stroller Fan – The stroller fan is a life saver. We use it on the stroller and on the carseat in the car. For those kids under 2 who are still rear facing, most car’s AC can’t reach them. So I find that Edison is always a sweaty mess even when I am blasting the AC on a hot day. This clip on fan is really a life saver!

Munchkin Insulated Cup – If I know we will be out the majority of the day I will fill this cup with milk for Edison and generally pack an extra sippy cup he drinks milk in to pour the cold milk into. I have done full days at Disneyland and give him the milk and it is still ice cold!

Stackable Snack Container – Love these! So good for keeping several snacks all together and with less space.

Reusable Swim Diaper – Such a great thing to have a few of. Really not as gross as it seems either!

Pop Up Shade Tent – I couldn’t find our exact pop up tent, but this is the most similar one I could find. I love that it is a pop up vs one with poles. I had one with poles and hated it! Too much work and time. This one is also so easy to put down too!

Puddle Jumper – Can’t go to the pool with out this little guy!



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Munchie Mug Snack Container – My photographer Brandi introduced this cup to me and it was so great for traveling. It is the best snack container I have yet to find that doesn’t spill. It has a nylon cover on the top that the childs hand reaches through.

 Headphones  – The perfect size headphones for Edison.

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Carseat – We have this carseat in the blue color and really love it! It fits any of our cars, and works for both rear and forward facing!

Baby Bjorn Portable Travel Crib – Been wanting to invest in this portable crib for our travels. I love that it is not bulky or heavy like the one I have.

Ergo Baby 360 Omni Baby Carrier – I have had this one and love it. So breathable and I love the extra, removable pocket in the front.

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller – The best travel stroller we have had. It’s great because its lightweight and can be worn as a backpack too.



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Water Table Play set: We for sure plan on getting one of these this summer. Edison loves playing in water and I love that I can keep this in a shaded area outside and let him go crazy and just have fun. Only Problem is keeping him away when I need him to stay dry. See another water table play set here 

Sand Pit : Luckily we live close to the beach! But for those of you who don’t a sand pit is always a fun thing to do! Just make sure it’s in the shade

Run through Sprinklers: If you have a grass area or even a tramp turn on the sprinklers and let your kid have their own splash pad.

Balance Bike: Any kid that loves to be outside needs several activities to learn and do. We will be starting Edison on one of these soon and I can’t wait! This Plasmacar is another really good option too.

Slip and Slide Mat and Slide: This looks like so much fun! I think I need it!



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Baby Oxiclean Detergent –I loved being introduced to this product! I used this pretty religiously when blow outs occured. I still use this to get out food stains, or even blood. Be sure to spray with Oxiclean Spray then fill Laundry Bucket with warm water. Poor in about a 1/2 or 3/4 cup of detergent, depending on how big your load size is. Let soak overnight.

Baby Oxiclean Spray – Goes hand in hand with OxiClean Detergent. (see above for how I use it)

Laundry Bucket  – I specifically love having a bucket to put into my sink. It uses less water, and I love knowing that it is clean before putting any clothing in it. (see how I use it above)

Infant Tylenol – I loved getting this as a gift because it was one of those things you don’t think about getting until you need it. Last thing you will want to do with a newborn is run to the store. So having it on hand or being given it is such a great gesture.

Desitin-  I would suggest to get the Triple Paste Cream. However it is pretty pricy. So Let’s stick with Desitin, which is my second choice in diaper cream. I love having this for my diaper bag. Again, one more thing a new mama may not even think of.

Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray – One can never have enough hand sanitizer especially with a newborn. I constantly sprayed my  hands, but loved leaving one out in the living room as a reminder for people to use if they came to visit us, and before holding the newborn.



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Peek A Who Book
Currently one of Edison’s favorite books. He probably loves the way I read it to him more than anything!

Match and Roll Shape Sorter
Edison loves to put the shapes back. Currently he just puts them in the large opening. But we are working on each individual shape! So fun watching his little brain work hard in though

Mega Blocks
Right Now these are fun do Edison to pull apart. I know that soon he will be able to stack the build things! Still a great toy now since he can grow into it!

Play Cube
This is another toy Edison doesn’t own but i would love to get him one day. I’ve also heard so many good things about this!

Wooden Pounding Bench with Mallet
Also recently got this for Edison and loves banging the Mallet. He of course still hasn’t got the perfect technique or the full concept. But he does good for having it just one week.

Learning Activity Table
this is a toy we actually don’t own. However I have heard so many great things about this activity center and how it helps them developmentally.

Wooden Geometric Shape Sorter 
We just got this cute and little shape sorter. It was a lot smaller than what I had thought, but it has been fun teaching Edison this more complex shapes toy.

Mini Trampoline
I can’t wait to get one of these for Edison! Once he is a little more stable with balance I know he will have so much fun with this!

Basketball Hoop
I know this would be so fun for Edison. He has a major obsession with balls and putting things into baskets. I love that this toy can grow with him too!



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Rice Cereal – This is the first way I introduced solids. I still feed him a bottle each night of rice cereal. It sure has helped him to put on weight!!

Baby Food and Pouch – So easy for when you are on the go!

Formula – We are still doing 1 bottle in the morning and 1 bottle (mixed with rice cereal) at night. Edison struggled to gain weight with just my breastmilk alone so we needed to supplement. This AR formula has been the best to help with this spitting up.

Spoons- Great beginner spoons. Small enough to fit into their mouths and have the rubber ends. Edison loves to use it as a chew toys too!

Bumbo – We love using this for eating our meal each day. Might as well take advantage while he still fits in it.

Carseat Mirror-​ You’ll wish you had one of these if you don’t have one. It is so so so nice to be able to see your baby in the back seat while driving. I specifically chose this one because it was a large mirror.

White Noise Machine – I use this every night and during nap time. I do keep it on the white noise sound over the others. But what I love is that is does have a cord to plug into the wall and it is also battery powered. Which worked great for travel too.

Crib- Edison has been in his crib in his nursery since 5 months and we love ours so much!

Sleepsack – We started using the Sleepsack after Edison could roll over. We don’t have any blankets in the crib. So this is what keeps him warm at night.

Magic Merlins Sleep Suit –  We are no longer using this due to Edison rolling over but it is still a product that was recommend by many of you that I was obsessed with. We loved using it. Sure made weaning the swaddle a breeze.

Diaper Genie – This is one item that is very controversial. But I actually really love mine and use it every day.  His poop doesn’t stink to bad yet, so I can’t tell you the honest truth if it traps the smell or not. But I do love having one.



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