Hello Loves!
Today I wanted to give a little break down about what LIKE TO is, and how it works! 
Many of you may already be aware of how it works and the purpose behind it, but in case you don’t, I want everyone (especially if you follow me on my instagram) to be familiar with this!

LIKETKIT is an instagram tool used on any smart phone that makes online shopping SO EASY. All you have to do is double tap to ‘Like’ any instagram photo with the link and easy to use, shop ready details,  will be sent to your inbox.  
Another great feature is you can choose how often you receive emails between asap, daily, or even weekly. That way you aren’t feeling bombarded with hundreds of emails! But I promise you will love these emails 🙂

Use these step by step directions to register: 

1. Sign up at by submitting your email address.
2. Like Instagram photos with link 
3. Get an email with ready-to-shop product details sent right to your inbox.

Here is a couple of examples of my LIKETKIT post. 
It breaks down each item I am wearing with a direct link to shop the site where I made a purchase. 

You will start to notice a slide show similar to this one at the end of each of my daily posts. It is a summary of all things worn in my style post to make for better visual. Each individual picture/product is set up with a direct link to shop on the website with a similar or the exact item! 

Here is a recap of all of my previous instagram posts that you can shop through your inbox after signing up with LIKETKIT
You can find this on the sidebar of my blog 
I really REALLY hope this makes sense to all of you!! 
If you have any questions regarding anything don’t hesitate to comment below or email with your concerns 🙂

xoxo, Camilla 


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