Today Navy Grace turns the big 3!!! 

I can’t believe I have been behind this blog for three whole years! I decided I wanted to share some of my very favorite looks from the past three years with you today!! Also, if you make it to the very end then you will see my very first ever photo I took for Navy Grace!
It’s funny because I took it myself. I didn’t have a tripod, so I made a makeshift one out of a laundry basket, Tupperware and whatever else I could find to make it so the camera was the right height to get a good enough angle. So funny right! It was also taken in our corporate housing apartment in Charleston, South Carolina where we were for the summer. Just on the back patio, with no one in site, because can you imagine my makeshift tripod being out in public. I don’t think so!! I also love how mad I look. Like, why so serious!!! 

It was so fun to take a look down memory lane of Navy Grace and reflect back on all the amazing support I have had from my family and friends who have taken photos for me, the many photographers I have had the opportunity to work with of course the many bloggers I have have the privilege to meet and get to know. As well as so many of you amazing followers you have approached me in public! 
I appreciate you and can’t wait to see where year 4 will take us!! 

This first photo and very last photo are both from my 1 year anniversary for Navy Grace. So two years ago today. It sure was fun to see how my style shifted throughout the years. Which look is your favorite? 

​xo, Camilla 


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