As much as I would have loved to attend New York Fashion Week again this season, I just couldn’t bring myself to brave the cold, especially with such a little babe. Call me a wimp, but I couldn’t stand the cold last February. It may have been due to the fact that it was a record breaking for low temperatures. So cold that they hadn’t had anything like it for 10 years! So yes, call me a chicken but I couldn’t do it. 

Instead I am here in Sunny California where it is almost in the 70’s every day. So as much as I am missing the amazing shows, I haven’t been to jealous and love that I can watch most of the shows from everyone’s snap stories. 

You will plan on seeing me attend again in September, and I can’t wait to go. I had only been to New York the one time so I am excited to see it from a different perspective. Anything other than the inside of a cab (due to freezing temps) I think will win me over. I plan on taking my baby and husband with me. So I will attend plenty of shows for a couple of days, and play the rest. I have a huge ‘must see’ and ‘to do’ list while I am there. 
What are you favorite things to do in New York. Where are your favorite places to eat? 

So for today, I felt it was necessary to showcase a little peek into my looks from last year, hope you enjoy them!! 

xo, Camilla 


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