I know I’ve been a little off the grid for the past few months, but we are just enjoying all the newborn snuggles over here. Bonnie is now two months old, and growing so much everyday. It’s been so fun to watch Lucy and Edison interact with her, they are just the sweetest and love her so much already, sometimes maybe too much 🙂  Although life has been busy these past two months, it’s been so enjoyable and I feel like I have finally come to love the newborn phase. I have to say though, this is partly due to the fact that I felt more prepared this time with everything I needed to make things a little easier. Having a newborn and everything that comes with being postpartum is already so hard as it is, so anything you can get to make things easier makes a worlds difference.


So, today I wanted to share A LIST OF MY TOP NEWBORN AND POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS. I’ve shared quite a few items over on my instagram stories (all saved in my highlights here) but wanted to compile them all in one place that you can refer back to whenever you may need. These are all items that have been game changers and have seriously made my life so much easier, and things that I feel every mama needs!

Newborn Baby Photos

collage of newborn and postpartum essentials




Newborn Baby Photos and newborn and postpartum essentials


1 // SwaddleMe Swaddle Wraps

These are seriously the best swaddle wraps, and now are a top must have for newborns. They are so easy to use and very convenient. They are velcro, and will likely not be able to break out of them. This is my first time using them after my sister recommend. I haven’t had to re-swaddle in the middle of the night once since using that. I couldn’t say that for the previous swaddles I have used.

2 // Halo Bassinet

This is the bassinet we have been using, and loving. It swivels and rotates 360 degrees and helps give me peace of mind having Bonnie sleeping next to me in her bassinet.

3 // Triple Paste Diaper Cream

Diaper rashes are common, especially in the early newborn days. This one is my tried and true favorite, and always works like a charm! It helps soothe and prevent future rashes, and a little goes a long way. Be sure to layer it on thick like frosting!

4 // Carseat Cover

If you’re looking for a carseat cover, this one is great and is my favorite! It is super stretchy, lightweight, breathable, and doubles as a nursing cover! It comes in a ton of different colors, and is under $30!

5 // Swaddle

This is one of my favorite swaddles, I love how stretchy and soft it is! It is also very  lightweight and helps maintain baby’s temperature.

6 // Burp Cloths

You can never have too many burp cloths! I like to have a few laying around the house for whenever I need them. These are great because they are so big, and you can use them for a lot of things, but the quality of them are so good. They come in a pack of 10 and are under $20.

7 // Sound Machine

A sound machine is an absolute must for newborns! This is an easy portable one that you can use while traveling or take with you on the go. It is USB rechargeable, so convenient, and under $30.

8 // Hatch Baby Sound Machine

Yet another sound machine, but this is the one we use at home. The hatch sound machine is by far our favorite, it definitely lives up to the hype. Not only is it a sound machine, but it also serves as a nightlight and I love that you can control it all from your phone.

9 // LouLouLollipop Swaddle

These are another one of my favorite swaddles. They are Muslin material, are very lightweight so they are perfect for summer, and SO soft! You can also use these for so many different things as well, which I love! You can use code NAVY15 for 15% off.

10 // Fisher Price Baby Rocker

We have used this rocker with all 3 kids and it is definitely my favorite baby item. They have all loved it, and are always so content being in it. I always use it when I need to get things done around the house, or for when I want to get a quick workout in. It is also very lightweight and easy to carry around the house.

11 // Owlet Dream Sock

We all know the feeling of checking on your sleeping baby every 2 minutes, and it can be daunting. We got the Owlet dream sock and it has really been great at giving me peace of mind and knowing Bonnie is well. I also love that I can check and monitor her all on my phone.

12 // Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

These are another favorite of mine, I continue to rave about these because they’re seriously the best. They save you on having to change the changing pad cover multiple times a week. I always have one laying on top of the changing pad and when it gets dirty, I simply throw it in the dirty laundry pile and the material on these makes it so that you don’t have any leaks happening!

13 // Dock-A-Tot

Having a small lounger like this dock-a-tot is a total game changer for those early newborn days! It’s so great for when you need somewhere to set the baby down for a minute, and baby will love this and the feeling of being snuggled in. I also love that it is portable, and light to carry around the house.

14 // Doona Car Seat

I decided to splurge on the Doona this time around, and I have zero regrets! It has been so convenient and easy to take Bonnie with us anywhere and is very easy to fold and unfold. Although it is expensive, it has definitely been worth it.

15 // 3 in 1 UVC Sterilizer + Dryer

We use this for common household items as well as pacifiers, bottle parts, nursing parts and more. It is great for disinfecting and drying, and fits a lot at once.

16 // Baby Bath Tub

This baby bath tub is perfect for safely bathing your newborn baby and is the best one we have found. We used it with both Edison and Lucy and have loved using this one. It is compact, and so convenient and love that it folds up for easy storage when not in use. The sling is also removable so you can wash it, and it is so affordable!

17 // Saranoni Receiving Blanket

You guys know how much I love saranoni blankets! They are seriously the softest, coziest blankets, so I had to have a receiving blanket for Bonnie!


woman carrying her Newborn baby and sharing newborn and postpartum essentials

collage of newborn and postpartum essentials and must haves





Newborn Baby Photos


1 // Bravado Nursing Bra

These are some of my favorite nursing bra’s I own, they are super comfortable and are even great for sleeping. They’re under $50 and such great quality! A helpful tip I love to do is wearing an old nursing bra or any inexpensive one you have during the first few weeks. That way, when you’re applying or using nipple cream (especially if using lanolin) it’ll help prevent stains on your favorite bra.

2 // Haakaa Breast Pump

The haakaa has been so great to use while nursing. While nursing, you put this on the other breast you’re not nursing from, and you’ll be surprised how much you can get from this! It’s a great way to start a freezer stash, and is so convenient and easy to use. If you already have this and did not purchase the new version with the lid, you can use a coffee mug to keep it from spilling over.

3 // G2G Bars

LOVE these bars for when I need a quick snack. They’re so good, have 18g of protein, and are macro friendly. Use code NAVYGRACE15 for 15% off your order!

4 // Solly Baby Wrap

Baby wearing is so great during the first few months, and is a game changer! I’ve used the Solly baby wrap with my last babies and have always loved it. I use mine all the time, and also used it at Disney the last time we went.

5 // Renewing Nipple + Lip Balm

This is my favorite nipple balm that I’ve been using. It is so moisturizing and nourishing, and helps soothe any sore, or cracked nipples. It also doubles as a lip balm!

6 // Spanx Padded Nursing Bra

Linking this option if you need/love a padded bra. I only wear this one when I am wearing a thinner shirt, but I personally love wearing the bralette type of nursing bras.

7 // Stanley Tumbler

 I absolutely love my Stanley cup, I use it everyday, and take it with me pretty much anywhere I go. If you’re nursing, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink water. This tumbler holds so much water and keeps it ice cold for an extended amount of time! Seriously so great, and if you’ve heard anything about Stanley’s, you know how fast they sell out! However, there are currently a few in stock now, so definitely snag one asap!

8 // Elvie Breast Pump

A hands-free breast pump will seriously make your life SO much easier if you’re nursing. You can slip this on, and pump while getting other things done around the house. I have been using the Elvie pump and love that you can’t even see it while you have it on. It’s definitely made my life easier and it is well worth every penny.

9 // Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra

This is another great option for nursing bra’s, and it is so comfortable. It is so stretchy, and is a great option to wear to bed. It is also very affordable, and currently on major sale ($10).

10 // Belvita Crackers

I kept these by my bedside for those middle of the night feedings, and were a great, easy snack. Definitely were a top must have for postpartum.

11 // Better Days Green Drink

I drink these greens everyday, and love that it has a little caffeine in it for that boost of energy I need to keep up with everyday life. It tastes really good, and doesn’t have that chalky taste that most greens have. You can use code NAVYGRACE for 10% off your purchase.

12 // MZ Wallace Diaper Bag

Seriously my all time favorite diaper bag, it fits SO much inside, and has so many little compartments to fit everything you need. I also love that it is easy to wipe and clean if it gets dirty!

13 // Cozy’s Pajamas

These have been my go to pajamas for postpartum! They are so comfy, and super cute! We actually all love and use cozy’s pajamas and even the kids love them as well. You can use code CAMILLA15 for 15% off.


14 // Daily Harvest

I have being loving the smoothies from Daily Harvest, and it has made my life a lot easier in the mornings! It’s something quick and easy I can grab and they are so good!


15 // Taking Cara Babies Course

I decided to take the taking cara babies course this time around, and really loved how helpful it was! It gives you so many helpful tips and information for creating good sleep habits and helps make your baby a good sleeper (which is what all mama’s want)! Highly recommend her courses!


Newborn family photos



Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn family photos


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