6 Month Old Baby Necessities


6 month old baby necessities


Gerbers My 1st Fruits pack 
These are the best ever!!! They come in the perfect size so you aren’t throwing baby food away. Edison only ate about half of one of these the first week. After that he could eat a full container. Now we are onto the regular containers.  I also loved it because they are the easiest fruits to introduce your baby to solids. Apple, Banana and pears.


Rice Cereal 
This is the first way I introduced solids. I still feed him a bottle each night of rice cereal. It sure has helped him to put on weight!!


Baby Food and Pouch 
So easy for when you are on the go!


We are still doing 1 bottle in the morning and 1 bottle (mixed with rice cereal) at night. Edison struggled to gain weight with just my breastmilk alone so we needed to supplement. This AR formula has been the best to help with this spitting up.


Great beginner spoons. Small enough to fit into their mouths and have the rubber ends. Edison loves to use it as a chew toys too!


Medium Flow Nipples 
When we started to introduce Rice cereal in the bottle I knew I needed a larger nipple hole nipple.


We love using this for eating our meal each day. Might as well take advantage while he still fits in it.


Drying Rack 
I wish I would have bought the bigger one. Invest in the large size because the small one doesn’t hold that much. Especially when you fall behind on washing the bottles 🙂 plus you can continue to use it for their sippy cups and other dishes.


You don’t want to ruin all those cute clothes!!!


Burp Cloths
You don’t want to ruin all YOUR cute clothes 🙂


Glow Baby App 
I am embarrassed to admit I still use this daily! I mainly use it to keep track for when the last time I nursed. I never seem to look at the clock and if I do, heaven help me even remember the time! So luckily this app keeps track of it for me!


Formula Dispenser
The only time I use this is at night. When I know we will be out past Edison’s normal bedtime. I will give him his bottle before we head home so he won’t be overstimulated and too tired and cranky. That way I can just nurse him and lay him down. But it is so nice to sort out the formula beforehand




6 month old baby necessities


Changing pad mat 
I am obsessed with these darling Gathre mats. I have the blue one for his changing pad, but ordered this brown print in a bigger size. I love that it is easy to clean, just by wiping it down.


You never know when you will need your swaddle, I end up using mine for the obvious reasons of keeping them warm, but now it gets used as a burp cloth, a place to sit him down and an extra protection from the sun, if he is in the wrap.


Diaper Bag
I’m all about the backpack diaper bag these days and I switched it up from my typical Fawn Design bag for this Nena and Co and I love it for summer!


Solly Baby Wrap 
I don’t wear Edison as much as I used to now that he is getting older and I know my days of wearing him is soon coming to an end, But I still do wear him often. It is something that I can throw on when Edison is fussy and needing to calm down. I espeically love it in the evenings when little man is getting very tired and cranky but I want him to stay awake a little longer so we will be extra tired when I lay him down for the night. He doesn’t fall asleep, but rather just relaxes and feels comforted.


Uppa Baby Stroller 
I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again, I am obsessed with my stroller. I love having a HUGE under carriage. One huge selling point for me when I was shopping for a stroller. I love how easy it is to push. even one handed. But one reason I chose it was because it can grow with my family. You can potentially have three children with this particular stroller, the third being the kick stand.


Nuna Carseat
I love this carseat, but I also don’t have anything else to compare it to! But it is very easy to figure out and it was one of the lightest in the store which was a huge selling point for me!


Bucket Hat/Sun hat
Easiest the best thing to have all summer. You will need to invest in one of these during those hot months. I have a bucket hat and a beach hat, both to protect the neck and shoulders.


Stroller Caddy
It sure isn’t the cutest thing, but boy is it practical. I again keep hand sanitizer in it at all times, keep my keys and phone in the pockets, even holds my wallet when I am shopping or even my water bottle.

Carseat Mirror
You’ll wish you had one of these if you don’t have one. It is so so so nice to be able to see your baby in the back seat while driving. I specifically chose this one because it was a large mirror.

Hand Sanitizer 
I always have on in my diaper bag, and one in my skip hop stroller organizer. I usually wash or sanitize my hands before feeding him.


Covered Goods Nursing Cover 
I always have 2 of these where ever I go. One is always being washed and the other as a cover when Edison is sleeping or a nursing cover. Lately I have been using it in the shopping cart or highchair in a restaurant.


Diaper Cream 
I love this brand for on the go because of the convenience of the tube. See other brand I love for at home below.


Extra Outfit 
Oh boy!! I am so glad I had one of these when it was needed. I try to get into the habit now of grabbing an extra outfit before leaving the house so I am never in a dilemma


Toy on a Clip
Having a toy he can play with in his carseat distracts him while we are driving, enough for him to fall asleep. Or even to keep in entertained while i shop. I love that I don’t have to worry about loosing the toy or it falling on the ground because it can be hooked to the stroller.


Carseat Fan 
I am so grateful I have one of these this summer. Before having one I always felt so bad for him being in the carseat getting sweaty!


6 month old baby necessities



White Noise Machine 
I use this every night and during nap time. I do keep it on the white noise sound over the others. But what I love is that is does have a cord to plug into the wall and it is also battery powered. Which worked great for travel too.

Edison has been in his crib in his nursery since 5 months and we love ours so much!


Dock A Tot
See my total review of why I am obsessed with DockATot here. Again, I love this product and especially love it for travel. We don’t use it any more. But we did use it all the way up until 6 months when Edison really started to roll over.


For obvious reasons of a baby in jammies is the cutest thing ever to exist!


We started using the Sleepsack after Edison could roll over. We don’t have any blankets in the crib. So this is what keeps him warm at night.


I use this every night and it sure does ease my mind! I especially grew to love it when Edison started to roll over and sleep on his stomach. If I ever wake up and need relief I will check my phone. 


Video Monitor 
This is the first time I have actually shared a video monitor in my baby posts. It was because It took me awhile before I found one I loved. See my review here. ​


Magic Merlins Sleep Suit 
We are no longer using this due to Edison rolling over but it is still a product that was recommend by many of you that I was obsessed with. We loved using it. Sure made weaning the swaddle a breeze.


6 month old baby necessities


Wash Cloths
These are such soft wash cloths. Perfect to wipe their faces. You’ll want several packs of wash cloths. I end up using one for the face and one for the bum 🙂


Inflatable Duck Tub 
This is such a cute and fun transitional tub to have from a seat to the actual tub itself. I love having it while Edison is still a little wobbly at sitting up. Especailly when he is excited and reaching of a toy he can’t really face plant it. he loves to lay back and relax to!


Johnsons Lavender wash and lotion 
I have loved using the lavender at night time because it is known to help relax a baby. I do a gentle baby massage while applying it after bath time.


If I don’t comb Edison’s hair right after his bath it gets a little wild!


Bath Toys 
These sure can keep him entertained and at least still for awhile, while I do the washing! Somedays it is a literal workout to get him bathed 🙂


Hooded Towel 
I have a couple sets of these and think they are the perfect size to wrap him in. ​Plus they look so darn cute in them too!

6 month old baby necessities


Sophie the Giraffe 
We love that Sophie can keep Edison entertained in the carseat while out and about for some time! He loves chomping on her!


Crinkle Books 
These have been Edison’s favorite toys hands down. He loves the noise and they are easy to hold. I have a mini one for the carseat and have it strapped so it can’t fall to the ground.


Mini Books/Touch and Feel Books 
Edison loves having a book just his size. He loves to eat them too!


Baby Saucer 
I love having this up in my bathroom while I shower and get ready for the day. It keeps him entertained for quite some time and I don’t have to worry about him rolling away on the floor.


Stackable toy 
Now that Edison is sitting up this toy has become a new favorite. He loves to unstack it 🙂


Play Gym 
I still sit Edison under here, now just sitting up. He still loves it!


Something fun with sound.



Diaper Genie 
This is one item that is very controversial. But I actually really love mine and use it every day.  His poop doesn’t stink to bad yet, so I can’t tell you the honest truth if it traps the smell or not. But I do love having one.


Honest Co. Wipes 
Love this brand for my diaper bag.


Target Brand Wipes 
I really have liked these wipes. Easy to pull out, they don’t tear, and most of the time I get one when I pull it out instead of 5 🙂 You know what I’m talking about!


Triple Paste Diaper Cream 
This diaper cream is a little bit more money, but it is one you will want to have on hand. It clears up any diaper rash with in a day or two. I don’t use it every diaper change because it is more money. But always when a rash appears. Also, make sure to apply like frosting a cake. Thicker the better!


Huggies Diapers 
Hands down my favorite diapers. I feel that they do help prevent blow outs, but my favorite thing is the yellow line that turns blue when they have peed. Easy to tell without taking the diaper off. I have tried the Honest Company and am actually not a huge fan. As dang cute as they are, my little one ends up peeing all over his clothes while wearing those diapers.


Changing pad 
I did have a diaper changing station out of my Nuna Sena in my living room while Edison was a newborn. I packed it away when he turned 5 months old and moved my diaper changing to the floor or upstairs in his nursery on the changing pad. Love this one
6 month old baby necessities



Mam Teething ring 
I popped this in the freezer and he loved chomping on it.

Amber stone necklace 
Go read my review on it here

Boon Fresh Fruit Feeder 
A lot of you recommend to me to put frozen breastmilk in here and let them chomp on it. I loved this!

Baby Tylenol 
​Something you’ll wish you had on hand too!! Again I have only needed it a handful of times, shots and teething mostly, but I was so grateful I didn’t have to run to the store with a fussy baby to get some!

Sophie cooling ring 
Same effect as Mam Teething ring


This is one of those things you are glad you have stored away so you aren’t sending your husband to the drug store in the middle of the night. I love how this thermometer has three different attachments for oral, underarm and rectal.

Nail Clippers 
Those little finger nails grow so dang quick and if you are breastfeeding you will get clawed 🙂Oxi Clean Stain Spray 
Love this!!! For any blow out, I spray this as soon as I can, then I fill my laundry bucket with warm water and use the Oxi Clean Baby and dissolve it in the water. I then put all the stained clothes in the bucket and soak it over night before starting a load in the morning. It has gotten every stain out thus far!!!Oxi Clean Detergent 
see above

Dreft Laundry Detergent 
I was using the Honest co. but really enjoy the smell of DreftDreft Laundry Detergent

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xo, Camilla


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