Can’t believe we are already almost halfway through February, where has time gone these days?!
With it already being the second month of the new year, I am feeling like things have started to fall in place after a busy month in January. January was spent doing a lot of organizing, cleaning, and setting goals. I didn’t want the focus of the new year to be lost as soon as January was over, so today I wanted to share 5 THINGS I AM DOING TO FEEL REFRESHED THIS YEAR. I’ve started to implement these 5 things into my life or daily routine before this new year and I loved seeing positive results and changes in how I felt.

I wanted to make these 5 things a bigger priority for 2022 and share them with you all today in hopes it gives you some new ideas, or help you get back on track to having a better year.

I would love to know what things help you feel refreshed? Or how your morning routine is? Maybe even the things you do for YOU?


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This is one thing I honestly look forward to every few months, but especially every January. As soon as Christmas is over I get such an inch to clean and organize my home. It is such a great way to feel refreshed. I love to donate things that are gently used, or throw out any clutter. Another thing I love to focus on is cleaning out my closet. I try to do this seasonally or a minimum of two times a year.

Cleaning out your closet is a great way to create more space for new clothes. It also allows for me to have more space in my closet for the pieces I gravitate towards more. Plus it feels great to clean out the items that I haven’t touched in months. I know that this is something that doesn’t come easy for everyone. But for me, I don’t have a problem of letting things like clothing go. Instead of the dread, it makes me feel more refreshed.



When was the last time you went through all the photos on your phone and deleted any? I am slightly attached to the photos in my phone (but who isn’t) so this can be so difficult to delete any photo. After all, photos are special memories to me. But, what I found is that I had SO many duplicates or photos that were very similar to each other. To start deleting old photos, I went through and deleted majority of my screenshots. I am talking going from 30K screenshots to now 1K. Most of the screenshots that I had were from 5+ years ago, and I never looked at them again. It was time to part ways. Next, I went through my video album and was able to find several videos that were a waste of space on my phone.

Deleting photos can feel like a process and take a lot of time. I spent most of our time traveling on our recent road trips over the holidays and especially on the airplane as we traveling to Hawaii to delete the photos. What else is there to do when you don’t have service? It was a perfect time to dedicate to deleting old photos.

Since November I have deleted over 30,000 photos!! Shocking right? I had over 100k photos on my phone and it was time to get rid of a few thousand. Let me tell you, it feels good and so refreshing!




I began daily practice of gratitude toward the end of last year by journaling. Each day I try to write down 3 things I am grateful for. I have made it a goal to write them down first thing in the morning before my day starts and things need to be done. It is amazing the difference this makes in my day. I find that I am happier, more grateful, and look at life in a different way.

I attended a workshop in September with my management company that was all about journaling. I’ve never really been into journaling, but try to jot down memories of my kids as often as I can. After this workshop I had such a different perspective of journaling and I immediately gave it a try.

One of the biggest takeaways I had was writing my thoughts on an actual pen and paper vs on my phone or any digital device. We spend so much of our our time on our phones, computers, iPads etc. that we don’t often get the opportunity to write or draw with a pen. Another way to feel more creative and take a break from your phone.

I’ll be honest, some days it can feel like such a challenge to come up with 3 things I am grateful for, but once I do I am instantly amazed at how much better I feel and how much better my day is. If I ever struggle coming up with new things to be grateful for, I love to write down positive affirmations, which is something else I try to do daily with the kids.



Of course January is a time so many of us focus on setting new goals for the year. This is something I have always loved doing, but the last few years I have shifted my perspective and instead of just writing down goals to never look at again, I like to make a vision board for the year. I use the app Canva. I simply pull images or write words with goals I have both for my family, business and personal self.

Once I create the vision board, I keep the image on my computer and refer back to almost everyday. I know other people print off their vision boards and put them on their bathroom vanity or closet door. Such a great daily reminder of what you want to achieve that year.

As much as I feel it so important to have big yearly goals, I also find it super important to break down those goals into smaller more tangible goals that you can focus on each month or even weekly. It is one way it keeps your goals on track so you can accomplish more.



Some weeks this sure is easier than others, but I still strive to set my alarm at 6am so I can have enough time to do a 30 minute peloton bike ride, write in my gratitude journal, and have some me time before the kids wake up. Of course, not every morning is perfect and I don’t get it all done before they wake up. Several mornings the kids come in, greet me with a hug while riding the bike and I quickly wrap up what I am doing to focus my attention on them and our daily routine before needing to head out the door.

I will say, it is such an AMAZING feeling of accomplishment when I can get majority of my morning routine done before the kids wake up. It truly helps my morning run so much smoother, I am more patient and kind to my children. And just those things alone help me feel so refreshed.


woman sharing Ways to feel refreshed this year  and wearing sunglasses, sweater and black sweat pants


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