Fawn Design Diaper Bag 
I have been using this after the first month of having Edison and I honestly love it. I get compliments on it all the time. It fits everything I need, and it can be worn as a crossbody or backpack! 

Solly Baby Wrap 
The only way I can get anything done!! Not only is it something that I can throw on when Edison is fussy and needing to calm down, but I love wearing mine at home for a late afternoon nap, if I need to get things done and he will not (for the life of me, lay down on his play mat and play) I wear him to help keep him calm, and lastly, out and about when the little man wants to be out of the stroller, it gives my arms a nice little break. 

Honest Company Wipes 
So call me weird, but I have a few different wipe brands I love for certain things. I really prefer the Honest Co wipes for my diaper bag. They are a little bit more costly than other wipes, but when I am out and about they are so handy. They don’t tear into tiny peices when I go to pull one, they actually separate  when I need just one, not 5!!! 

Covered Goods Nursing Cover 
I always have 2 of these where ever I go. One covering the carseat, only when Edison is sleeping (he has reached the point where he likes to look out while in the stroller) and the other one in my diaper bag to be used as a nursing cover. 

Hand Sanitizer 
I always have on in my diaper bag, and one in my skip hop stroller orangizer. I usually wash or sanitize my hands before handling Edison, or especially before feeding him. 

Skip Hop Stroller Organizer 
It sure isn’t the cutest thing, but boy is it practical. I again keep hand sanitizer in it at all times, keep my keys and phone in the pockets, even holds my wallet when I am shopping or even my water bottle. 

Security Blanket 
Since little man decided to not take a binky from day 1, I was determined to find something that he would eventually learn to love and help self soothe himself. I usually hand him this mini blanket every time I put him in the carseat. I secretly love it because the minute I hand it to him, he snuggles it right into his face, then he eventually eats it!!!
Uppa Baby Stroller 
I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again, I am obsessed with my stroller. I love having a HUGE under carriage. One huge selling point for me when I was shopping for a stroller. I love how easy it is to push. even one handed. But one reason I chose it was because it can grow with my family. You can potentially have three children with this particular stroller, the third being the kick stand. 

Nuna Car Seat 
I love this carseat, but I also don’t have anything else to compare it to! But it is very easy to figure out and it wasn’t the heaviest in the store which was a huge selling point for me! 

Car Mirror 
You’ll wish you had one of these if you don’t have one. It is so so so nice to be able to see your baby in the back seat while driving. I specifically chose this one because it was a large mirror. 

You never know when you will need your swaddle, I end up using mine for the obvious reasons of keeping them warm, but now it gets used as a burb cloth, a place to lay him down and an extra protection from the sun, if he is in the wrap.

I love this brand for on the go because of the convenience of the tube. See other brand I love for at home below. 

Bucket Hat
As ugly as they are, you will need to invest in one of these during those summer months. I had my first mom fail about a month ago and Edison got a sunburn on a small triangle on his face from an hour spent on the beach. I felt terrible and I knew that I didn’t ever want that to happen again. So make sure to get a bucket hat, as well as other cute ones, but the bucket hat also protects their neck and shoulders. 

Warm Hat 
A lot of times I am so thankful I kept an extra knotted hat in my bag. You can never predict the weather and I would hate for him to get cold. Especially right now that it’s spring. It is very warm during the day, and chilly at night. I even use it if it is a breezy day. 

Changing Pad 
I am obsessed with these darling Gathre mats. I have the blue one for his changing pad, but ordered this brown print in a bigger size. I love that it is easy to clean, just by wiping it down. 

Edison has begun to drool. And I know those days will continue well into his first year with teething. I would rather him soak a bib that I can take off than have his entire shirt wet. Sometimes I even use it when he has had a few major spit ups and he has already soaked his shirt and want him to at least have an extra layer for any more accidents.  

Extra outfit 
Oh boy!! I am so glad I had one of these when it was needed. However, Edison isn’t to the point where his blowouts are that huge. So I just want to make sure I get into the habit now of grabbing an extra outfit before leaving the house. 

Carseat Toy
Now that Edison has gotten a little older, he has become aware of his surroundings. Having a toy he can play with in his carseat distracts him while we are driving, enough for him to fall asleep 🙂


​Boppy Pillow 
A huge MUST! I used my boppy pillow to sit on for the first 2 weeks after delivering, and Yes I still use it lots! I love using it each night while I nurse in bed. Because there may be a few times where I fall asleep in bed nursing and I love knowing I have at least something supporting my baby. Although it is a bad habit to sleep. Yikes!

 HALO Basinets 
I have already shared in this post here why I love my HALO Bassinest. But I truly do love it. I love that I don’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for anything. I can keep everything I need to change his diaper in the little caddy and love that I can swivel it around for my connivence. I will begin to move him to his crib this next month though!! so wish us luck! – If you don’t want to invest in an actual bassinet, I would suggest theFisher Price Rock n Play. I don’t actually have one, but wish I would have got one (next baby, right) I know a lot of people use this as a bassinet at night. (this one is on sale!!!)

Dock A Tot
See my total review of why I am obsessed with DockATot here. Again, I love this product and especially ldove that it fits perfectly in my HALO Bassinest

Sometimes it is so helpful to have a swaddle to put him to sleep if we are out and about!

White Noise Machine
I use this every night. I do keep it on the white noise sound over the others. But what I love is that is does have a cord to plug into the wall and it is also battery powered. Which worked great for travel too. 

Anglecare Video Monitor 
This is the first time I have actually shared a video monitor in my baby posts. It was because It took me awhile before I found one I loved. See my review here

Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit 
This was recommend by many of you. And we have been loving using it. Sure has made weaning the swaddle a breeze. The first night, not so much but go read my thought on it here. 

Love To Dream Swaddle
We actually got this swaddle and attempted to use it first to wean Edison from his swaddle, we tried for about a week using it, but it wasn’t something he loved. Although I know it has worked for several people so I am still sharing. 

Velcro Swaddle
 have been using and loving my velcro swaddles. Until now, we just weaned the little mr. from his swaddle. (see below, for what we used.) But these are my favorite ones!!


Stuffed Animal 
This is one thing I started to collect before Edison was born. I just love stuffed animals so much and secretly hope that he finds a favorite and can’t leave the house without it. We also use this cute bunny for our monthly photos to see how much he has grown! 

O Ball 
Easily the best toy for a baby 3-4 months old. It is easy enough to grasp onto and something that their little tongues can explore with

Play Gym
We have this exact play gym and it gets used all the time. I actually stared laying Edison on it at about two months. Even though he couldn’t reach or had a desire to, he had something colorful to look at. Now he loves to lay under it and reach for the toys. 

Wooden Rattle 
Sometimes the noiser the toy the better, and this wooden rattle is just that. It helps to distract him in the car

Sock Monkey Rattle 
Love this monkey so much. It has a little rattle in it to which makes Edison love it. It is easy for him to hold and grasp too. 

Fisher Price Swing 
We love our Swing. I don’t use it all day. But usually once a day for about 45 minutes. While I shower and get ready. But it has been a life savor. 

We just recently started using the Bumbo and it sure makes him seem so grown up 🙁 Cue the tears!! But it is so much to see him sit in it. I usually put him in it, on the counter while I am prepping for dinner and don’t want to be wearing him in the wrap to get grease splattered on him. 

I started reading to Edison the day we brought him home. I never feel like it can be too early to start reading to your babies. Edison now enjoys staring at the pages and sits perfectly still. I love it. 

Teething Toy
We all love Sophie! It’s an easy toy for him to grab onto and make some noise while doing so. 


Como Tomo Bottle 
I never thought I needed bottles because I was certain I would only breastfeed. However, We give to give Edison a bottle morning and night of formula to help him gain weight.

Medela Breast Pump 
If you are a breast feeding mama, you will still want to use your Medela pump to keep up with your babies growth spurts. 

Burp Cloths 
Yep, still using these everyday. I have at least 5 burp cloths laying house. You never know when you are going to need one 🙂

Boon Grass Bottle Dryer 
I wish I would have bought the bigger one. Invest in the large size because the small one doesn’t hold that much. Especially when I soak and dry my breastfeeding pump parts. But this drying rack plus accessories is well worth it.

Bottle Cleaner 
You’ll really appreciate this. Having one tool to clean his bottles makes me know that they are clean.

Glow app 
Hands down my most favorite app!!! I still use it everyday! I am so bad with keeping track of numbers and times. I still use it daily to track my feedings. I love that it time each breast and how long you feed, plus charts the last time I fed. Because I can never remember. Thank goodness for technology!

​We have used a few different brands of formula and aren’t too picky. But we just make sure to keep some on hand because I am not one who over produces breast milk and has a stash in the freezer. We give Edison a bottle a couple times a day right now. 


Changing pad Liners 
These are my favorite. I use these again all over my house. I have one in my HALO, one in my diaper bag, one on the nursery changing table, and one on my Nuna Rena. I love that it is a quick and easy clean up to just throw those in the wash rather than an entire sheet.

Diaper Genie 
This is one item that is very controversial. But I actually really love mine and use it every day. I keep it next to my Nuna Rena, basically my diaper changing station down stairs and love having a place to keep my diapers. His poop doesn’t stink yet, so I can’t tell you the honest truth if it traps the smell or not. But I do love having one. 

Diaper Warmer 
Also another controversial item. I again love mine. I love that it is easy to quickly grab wipes and love that I don’t have to put a cold wipe on his bum. Because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t want that either. I keep mine downstairs in the Nuna Rena where I change diapers everyday.

Tripple Paste Diaper Cream 
This diaper cream is a little bit more money, but it is one you will want to have on hand. It clears up any diaper rash with in a day or two. I don’t use it every diaper change because it is more money. But always when a rash appears. Also, make sure to apply like frosting a cake. Thicker the better!

Nuna Sena Travel Crib 
I don’t know what I would do with out this! I actually chose to get the Nuna SENA over the 4moms portable crib for the reason it had a changing table. That was one of my main reasons for wanting one. I haven’t used it yet for him to sleep in it yet while traveling, and probably won’t unless we go out of town. But I do plan to use it as a play pin when he gets a little older. I also love using it as a storage area right now to hold the diapers, wipes, burp cloths, swaddles, and diaper creams.  I probably will be moving it out of our living room and back to storage here in a couple months. most likely when rolling is the norm.

Huggies Little Snugglers Wipes
(size 2)

Hands down my favorite diapers. I feel that they do help prevent blow outs, but my favorite thing is the yellow line that turns blue when they have peed. Easy to tell without taking the diaper off. I have tried the Honest Company and am actually not a huge fan. As dang cute as they are, my little one ends up peeing all over his clothes while wearing those diapers.

Huggies Refill pack wipes
I love having these to refill my diaper warmer! 


Tubby Todd hair and body wash
Any brand will do, but I just have become obsessed with the smell of this brand!

Tubby Todd Lotion 
If you want your baby to smell YUM get this!! 

Summer Infant bath 
He still fits in it, and enjoys tummy time during bath on it. The mesh bottom is perfect and I love how he can sit perfectly without sliding out.

Wash Cloths 
These are such soft wash cloths. Perfect to wipe their faces. You’ll want several packs of wash cloths. I end up using one for the face and one for the bum 🙂

Hooded Towel 
I have a couple sets of these and think they are the perfect size to wrap him in. ​Plus they look so darn cute in them too!

Hair Brush
If I don’t comb Edison’s hair right after his bath it gets a little wild!


I actually never used this, even though I felt it was important to have on hand before actually needing it. When Edison got his 4 month shots he got a mild fever. I love how this thermometer has three different attachments for oral, underarm and rectal. 

Nail Clippers 
 Those little finger nails grow so dang quick and if you are breastfeeding you will get clawed 🙂 

Oxi Clean Stain Spray 
Love this!!! For any blow out, I spray this as soon as I can, then I fill my laundry bucket with warm water and use the Oxi Clean Baby and dissolve it in the water. I then put all the stained clothes in the bucket and soak it over night before starting a load in the morning. It has gotten every stain out thus far!!! 

Oxi Clean Detergent 
see above

Dreft Laundry Detergent 
I was using the Honest co. but really enjoy the smell of Dreft

Gripe Water 
Again, something you will want to have on hand so you aren’t running to the store. I love my gripe water. I have some at home and in my diaper bag. If he had a bottle and seems a little gassy from bubbles this stuff works like a charm. If we have been outside in the breeze for the afternoon and he swallowed a lot of air gripe water is a game changer. I swear it works almost instantly and it isn’t before long Edison is tooting and burping. At least he feels better right 🙂

MAM Cooler Teething Ring 
Babies can start to show signs of teething before the tooth actually breaks through the surface. Edison hasn’t fully started to teeth yet, but a few days when he was drooling and acting a little fussy for a few days and I thought maybe it was because his mouth was in pain. I popped this in the freezer and he loved chomping on it. 

Baby Tylenol 
​something you’ll wish you had on hand too!! Again I have only needed it twice (Frenotomy  procedure and getting shots) But I was so grateful I didn’t have to run to the store with a fussy baby to get some!

Go here to see my list of my Newborn essential must haves!!!

xo, Camilla  


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