It’s only taken me 2.5 years and two babies to finally get the hang of breastfeeding and with that, of course, pumping. I made a lot of mistakes when I first had Edison and I didn’t want to repeat those same mistakes with Lucy when it came to feeding and pumping.

A lot of my mistakes were made because I was not scheduling time for pumping, nor was I using a pump that was great quality. Thankfully this time around I was introduced to the Motif Luna breast pump
There are so many circumstances why a breastfeeding mother may need to pump. To increase milk supply, going out of town, maybe even just out for an evening with friends, date night with your spouse, if you’re a working mom who is returning to work, and lastly maybe while traveling because giving a bottle is easier at times. 

MOTIF LUNA BREAST PUMP review featured by top US mom blogger, Navy Grace

With Lucy I made sure to pump with my Motif Medical Luna pump a few times a day as soon as we got home from the hospital. That way I could increase my milk supply to ensure there was plenty breast milk for her to grow and gain the expected weight the pediatrician wanted to see. So far both of my babies have been tongue tied at birth, which is just one more reason why pumping is so important to me. Until we got their tongue ties released, they were having to work twice as hard for a small amount of breast milk compared to a baby without a tongue tie. I would produce more than they could consume being tongue tied. This would tell my body that my baby doesn’t need a lot of milk, which then results in my body not producing enough. This is where the Motif Luna  breast pump has been needed. It basically tricks my body into thinking I need to produce more milk. The Luna pump modes would simulate a let-down by mimicking my baby’s natural nursing pattern. The more I pumped and fed my baby, the more my body would know it needed to produce more milk.

Another reason pumping is so important to me, is to prevent clogged ducts or even mastitis. If you have never experienced either, I promise you’ll never want to. They are extremely painful!! Pumping often helps to reduce clogged ducts from happening.

MOTIF LUNA BREAST PUMP review featured by top US mom blogger, Navy Grace MOTIF LUNA BREAST PUMP review featured by top US mom blogger, Navy Grace


Auto Shut Off – The machine automatically turns off after 30 minutes of using it. I don’t know how many times I’ve been lost scrolling my Instagram feed while pumping only to realize I have been sitting there for over 30+ minutes.

Quiet Motor – I personally love how quiet it is! You won’t even realize how big of a deal this is until you’ve used an obnoxious loud one.

Easy to Use – It’s simple to set up and use just about anywhere, especially if you do plan to travel.

Covered by Insurance –  Save money where you can when it comes to babies by getting the Motif Luna breast pump through your insurance provider. The Affordable Care Act now requires health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding supplies and support if needed.

Pumps More Milk in Less Time – Such a huge reason I love the Motif Luna breast pump. I don’t always have a lot of time to pump due to a newborn and a toddler. So being able to pump more milk in less time makes this pump a favorite of mine.

MOTIF LUNA BREAST PUMP review featured by top US mom blogger, Navy Grace MOTIF LUNA BREAST PUMP review featured by top US mom blogger, Navy Grace
A special thanks to Motif Medical for sponsoring this Motif Luna breast pump post. This review, thoughts, and opinions are my own.
xo, Camilla

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