Was driving 8 hours for these newborn photos crazy? Yes! Were they worth it? 100% YES!
These newborn photos of not only Lucy Rose, but our new family of 4 is something I will be able to cherish forever!

I still get a big lump in my throat each time I look at these newborn photos of our baby girl and seeing just how sweet Edison is with her. He has taken the roll of a big bother like a champ and I love these two little kids of mine together so much!

We got Lucy Rose’s newborn photos done in St. George, Utah with Chelsy of B Couture Photo. I have always loved her work throughout the years. When I lived in Utah, I knew I wanted her to capture my babies pictures and was so sad I didn’t have her do Edison’s newborn photos since we had such a bad experience with his photos getting done! You can see Edison’s newborn photos here. 

I wasn’t going to make that mistake again! I booked Chelsy for Edison’s 1 year old photos and cake smash which was so fun! You can see those photos here!  I knew driving to another state was a bit crazy for newborn pictures, but we made the trip worth it by having my sisters bridal shower the same weekend since she lives in St. George! There was no way I could back out then right 🙂

We did decide to wait until Lucy was 2 weeks old to travel with her. Still perfect timing for newborn photos!
Luckily she slept literally the entire drive both there and back! That is the perk to traveling with a newborn! She was still in that very sleepy phase. After 3.5 hours of her sleeping and us driving, I had to wake her to feed her. Even after going hours without food she still just wanted to keep snoozing! 


I worried the entire newborn photoshoot thinking that little Lucy Rose was going to cry the entire time or that she would be awake most of it! As you can tell, we didn’t have a problem at all! Lucy was a champ!!!! Edison on the other hand was my problem child that day! I really didn’t even think I would have to worry about him. But he refused so many photos and was just a big stinker!

I do have to preface that it was noon and he had just woken up from a nap. So still waking up and of course was then hungry since it was lunch time. So I do understand that he was having a rough time wanting to take photos. But it was so sad and a little discouraging that we had drove a long ways and were paying for photos and I didn’t get any of just him and Lucy! After trying over and over again he just wasn’t having it!

We changed him back into his regular clothing he came in with and as we were about to leave, I asked Edison if he wanted to take just one more photo of him and Lucy! We placed Lucy on the bed and he crawled over to her and was the absolute sweetest little buddy!! I am SO thankful I tried just one more time! The photos of the two of them are my absolute favorite!!




xo, Camilla


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