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I don’t think I am the only one who is excited for today’s Mom Talk Monday segment. Just look at that cheesy smile in todays photos. I can’t help but smile myself when seeing that big grin.

Today I wanted to share one of our favorite toddler products. The Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Carseat. We transitioned Edison when he was about 14-15 months old. At that point we felt he had outgrown the Nuna Pipa infant carseat and was ready to give the Maxi Cosi a try. We LOVE it! I want to share below more reasons we love it.

I also wanted to go with more of a fun color since we had a black infant carseat. This blue color is so pretty and I am so glad we went with a fun color instead of the traditional black. Let’s just say we aren’t sick of it yet. My only debate about getting a colored carseat was that it wouldn’t be girly enough if we had a girl next. Then, someone brought the thought to my mind that most likely you will need a second convertible carseat depending on the age cap of your kids, as well as the weight of your children. So, thats when I officially decided blue was the way to go.

Since taking these photos, we decided to make Edison front facing instead of rear facing. He is now 30lbs and was getting some pretty bent knees while rear facing. He is loving being able to see so much more, including mama and daddy while driving. I will say, we lucked out with Edison being such a good car rider. I can’t say that the first 4 months were fun, because they weren’t. Talk about a scream fest. But the day he turned 4 months it was like lightening hit and he was just happy to go for a drive. He does great on road trips, and on our daily trips for errands.

I wanted to also share about this amazing fan we use in the car. It’s portable, and great for hot summers!
This is the exact one we use.

I started using this carseat fan last summer. I always felt so bad getting Edison out of the car and he is a hot sweaty mess since he is rear facing and the AC vents can’t reach him well.

With our previous cars I would clip in on the ceiling of the car on the hand grip. The Tesla doesn’t have those due to having falcon doors. So I have found clipping it on the seatbelt for seat works great.

Now that Edison is forward facing we no longer need this fan in the car since he has better access to feeling the air from the vents. But I still keep this portable fan in the car and will strap in on the stroller for hot summer outings.



Extreme Comfort – I have always looked at this carseat and thought it would be something I would want to sit and be strapped in. The extra padding makes it so comfortable for children.

Harness Holders – Such a great feature. You can place your straps in the harness holders so it is easy to place your child in the carseat without fishing around their bum for the buckles. Saves a lot of time.

Easy to Fasten and Unfasten – Thanks to my Photographer Brandi, I had been dong it wrong the entire time, but after learning correctly getting your child in and out of your carseat is a breeze. Instead of pulling the strap to fasten. Position the chest strap correctly right below your childs armpits and then grab the metal piece on the back of the carseat and move downward. While holding onto the metal piece then pull the strap (between your Childs legs) to tighten. It will make your life so easy!

Magnetic Chest Closer – This is done one handed which makes things so much quicker! Easy to close and open. Also difficult for them to figure out on their own.

Easy to Change Height – It’s just a simple one lever handle that you can move the head padding up or down.

Has Multiple Positions – You can have your child lay in different positions. Maybe more upright, or leaned back for napping and road trips.

Removable Padding Pieces – We just removed the back and side padding for Edison since he has begin to fill the gap. But I loved having this as an extra padding to keep their little bodies from moving or sliding.

Easy to Remove Padding For Cleaning – You can remove the entire carseat padding and throw it into the washing machine! It’s super easy to do.

Love How it Looks – It’s a great sleek, modern style

Works for you Child For Several Years – Like I mentioned above this carseat will grow with your child. You can start using it at 5 lbs all the way until they are 85 lbs.

Great Head Cushions for Napping Child – I never realized how big of a deal I loved this feature until we were on a recent trip home and were using a carseat my parents purchased for times they need to haul grandkids around. I wasn’t even sure of the brand of it, but always felt bad when Edison’s chin always ended up on his chest while napping. With the Maxi Cosi, the padding is close enough to his head to support it without falling forward



I also wanted to cover this same topic on our infant carseat for those of you in the market for a new baby.

Here are some reasons we loved our Nuna Pipa

 The looks –  I love how sleek and sophisticated this car seat is. From the all black color scheme to the dream drape this one has be all googily eyes!

Light Weight – When I was shopping around, I instantly fell in love with how light weight the Nuna Pipa was compared to all other infant car seats. I already had a feeling I was having a chubby little baby  so I will do anything to save a couple extra pounds.

Safety – One thing that really stood out to me about this particular carseat is the car seat base. It is the only one that has a steel enforced stability leg. This is considered a safety feature because the impact of a car wreck would go onto the base instead of the carseat itself.  Making it as safe as it can be for your little one.

Easy to use – It is such a big deal for me to have a carseat that is super easy to maneuver. Easy to clip in and out of the base making it quick and simple to get your baby in and out of the car.


xo, Camilla


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