Happy Mama Monday!!!

Today I wanted to share some great ways and tips I try to stay active with Edison at home and on the go.
We are generally really good about going to the gym 3-5 times a week. But this summer is a whole other story with it being summer in general and with our home being renovated. So, thats why I really try hard to sneak in some type of movement each day and involve Edison too. All of these tips can be done with any age of children which is what I love about them.

nike sweatshirt: Nordstrom (on sale!)  |   Zella workout leggings: Nordstrom (on sale!)  |  purple nikes: Nordstrom (still on sale!!)

Edison’s Outfit: Vans  |  shirt: Zara  |  shorts: Little Bipsy 


Tip 1: Dance party!!! 
Make it a goal to do a mini dance session by yourself or with your kids. I love turning on the music and dancing with Edison. We do it while he eats and I dance for him 🙂 and of course another time throughout the day where he is on the floor bouncing his knees. He loves the music and rhythm and I love watching him. Dancing even for one song can increase your heart rate, but at the end of the day makes everyone smile and feel better too!

Tip 2: Get out of the house
Go out to your yard, push the stroller/wagon around, just be outside and have a running competition, play tag, stop and go!

Tip 3: Go to the park
We actually go to the park every Wednesday with friends and I look forward to it each week. It’s fun for both Edison and I. He gets to play and mama gets to chat (well, when I am not chasing Edison around :).

Tip 4: Go to the beach
I have mentioned this before, but I have made it a goal to go to the beach once a week. I have only missed one week so far and am so happy I started this habit. It’s such a fun way to get a little movement into your day. Walk the boardwalk, walk in the sand, or even run, that will start to make you break a sweat really quick!

Tip 5: Park in a far away spot 
My husband loves doing this. Not necessarily for the movement cause, but for the sake of not getting door dinged. Either way you are having to walk more to the store. Double bonus!

Tip 6: Turn TV commercial time into movement
Each time you are watching TV, have you and your kids do pushups, jumping jacks, squats, crunches, etc. until your show comes back on!

Tip 7: Cleaning Power Hour
Of course Edison loves helping me clean right now… but I know the day will come when he absolutely hates it as most kids tend to as they get older. But making Cleaning Power Hour a priority each day is beneficial for you but also fun. Turn on a song or two and power clean until the song is over. You can surprise yourself with how much you can get down in almost 4-5 minutes by hustling.

Tip 8: Play on the Ground with your Children 
Such an easy way to move throughout the day. Your kids are constantly on the move and also probably begging for you to play with them. Take 5 minutes every couple of hours to sit on the ground and play with them. Let them wrestle with you, play legos, barbies, house or cars! It’s all little small movements while bonding with your kids.



xo, Camilla


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