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It amazes me how much one teeny tiny little human needs!!! 
Of course, you can’t just let your baby go hungry, so today I wanted to focus the Baby Registry Wish List on every thing you will need for the first few months of feeding a baby. For both you and baby. 
Once my baby has hit the age where he will eat cereal and solid foods I would be happy to make a blog post dedicating to the must haves for the appropriate age. 
But until I get to that point, I figured I would go ahead and just focus on the needs that you will need to survive the first few months. 

Nursing Pillow 
As far as my essentials that I have already gotten or still need to get I am most excited about my Boppy
I know this will be the best thing when it comes to those long days of perfecting nursing and those long nights of just being too tired! 

Nursing Cover 
I also have two covers from Covered Goods and I am so happy that I have two. One to cover the carseat for outings and the other to keep in my diaper bag for breast feeding in public. If you don’t have one of these, I highly suggest investing in one! 

Nursing Friendly Clothing
I feel this will be the most difficult thing for me, remembering to wear something that is nursing friendly!!! 
Figuring out how to dress a bump was hard enough, but now having to change my wardrobe to nursing friendly will be a struggle at first, I’m sure. 
But that is why I am here, to hopefully help guide you so you don’t have the same problem I did!! 

Nursing Bra 
I recently got this Boob Design sports bra and I can’t wait to wear it. I know it will be a good bra for those days you don’t plan on leaving the house! 

High Chair
Although this is not a necessity right now, I decided to include my three favorites. The 4moms being my top choice, in case any of you are wanting to add it onto your baby registry wish list. 

Breast Pump
I am no expert here, however, from the research I read, this one seems to be a very popular choice! 
Also, make sure to ask your doctor if your insurance covers the cost of one. It is such a nice little savings if they do! 

Burp Clothes/Bibs
For obvious reasons, I think we all know why we need these two items 🙂

To be honest, I don’t know which bottle preference I will go. 
These ones that I have listed have been rated very highly, but I know some babies are picky with which ones they prefer. 
Which brand did you find worked best for you? I would love if you shared.

Again for obvious reasons… 🙂 

xo, Camilla