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I have so many things I am excited for once baby boy get here, but swaddling him in a wrap and having him snuggled up to me all day. 
Plus I love knowing that I can still be hands free and get some cleaning and work done while still adjusting to a newborn. 
And of course an Ergo baby will become the best investment once the little babes grow out of the wrap stage.

It amazes me how every time I go to the zoo or Disneyland I see how many parents use some sort of a carrier. I chose to buy the Ergo baby because it is 360 degree carrier. Meaning there are four convenient carry positions: front-inward, front-outward, hip and back. It includes a sun shaded hood to help protect baby while sleeping or nursing. 

It isn’t a secret that I will invest in a few of the Solly Baby wraps. They seem to be the best quality for the money and come in the cutest of prints. I can’t decide between the Succulent Green, Baltic Blue, or the Natural and Grey striped one. So if someone can make that decision for me, that would be great!!! 

xo, Camilla