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HOLY swaddles and blankets!!! 

I may have gone a little crazy on this post, but can you blame me!! I was falling in love with each and every company that I found.
It has been so fun knowing that I am having a boy so I can officially start making some purchases.
Swaddles were one thing that I always had a hard time looking at before I knew the gender because I honestly wanted ALL of them!! 

I guess you can tell that I am sticking with a black and white theme. Not on purpose either!! I just have always been drawn to black and white, in both baby and my clothing. 

Don’t worry all you mamas with baby girls!
I couldn’t complete this post with out sharing all of my favorite baby girl choices as well. I mean….. those pineapples, donuts, and floral patterns. I DIE!!!! So even though I have mostly baby boy items here I still don’t want to leave out those cute baby girls you have! 

I keep sitting here thinking every time I feel this little babe kick inside that I only have 4 months left (scary face) Yet, so excited. Yesterday my childhood friend brought over her 5 week old baby girl and all I could think was I have one of these growing inside of me right this very second!!!! I just can’t wait to snuggle my own baby in these adorable swaddles and blankets from these cute companies. 

In conclusion..
If you are on the hunt for only black and white patterns. Modern Burlap has got you covered! I can already count 4 that I want to get. 
Little Unicorn has a set of 3 swaddles for only $38 which is such a good deal especially when you get the cutest prints! 
A new recent discovery was Lou Lou and Co. and to say I am obsessed is an understatement!!!! From their knit blankets to their cozy blankets you can’t go wrong!!! 

I would love to know what brands you found to be your favorites. Or any that I don’t have here!!!