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Today I wanted to share 12 things Edison and I do together almost everyday. Majority of them we cross off, but if we don’t get to one of them that day, we are sure to get to it the next day. It can be hard to remember any fun learning activities to do each day with your toddler, especially if you have other older children you are running to and from places all day long. But, I have come up with 12 things that you should be making an effort to do daily with your  toddler.

I am sure you are already doing most or all of these without even thinking about them. But a little helpful reminder on those days where it feels like bedtime won’t come soon enough, you can remember to do one of the activities you haven’t crossed off for the day just yet.

12 toddler activities and ideas to do with your toddler. From chores, to getting on the ground with your child to play. Each bonding or learning activities.

1- Read Together – I have been doing this with Edison since he was 1 week old. I started to read to him one or two books each night before we went to bed. The tradition continues each night before bed. But I have made it a goal to try to read many more books through out the day together. We always read a few books prior to putting him down for a nap. It is one way he can wind down after running and jumping and being a little crazy. That is a time he will be happy to sit down and read for a little bit of time. Our challenge comes when we try to read at other time throughout the day. We attempt one book, before Edison jumps off the couch. I do continue to read the book even though he has moved onto something else. Reading is such a huge key to their development which is why we try to read as much as we can.

2- Do Chores together – I started having Edison help me with chores when he turned almost 18 months. Here is a list of ideas you can also have your toddler help you with. Of course a lot of the times Edison doesn’t show any interest, and so I help guide in these chores. Other times he loves helping and is excited to help. But I always encourage he has a job to do.
Help wash dishes
Help Carry in Groceries
Bring You Diapers or any other item
Help Clean Up Toys
Water Flowers/Plants
Clean Up Messes or Spills they make
Clean Mirrors
Throw Dirty Diaper Away
Throw Dirty Clothes in Hamper
Help Change Laundry
Wipe Counters
Fix Something (we are constantly changing batteries or “fixing” his trains, so I give him a screw driver for him to fix his train)

3- Have One-On-One Time on the Floor Together – I feel that as moms this is one that can sometimes be the hardest one to do each day. We are busy with cleaning, working from home, cooking lunch and dinner, whatever it is, it’s sometimes hard to drop everything we are doing to get on the floor with our kids for a little one-on-one time. To play, bond, read, learn, doing anything with your child on their level is the best thing we can do that day.

4- Make Meals Together – Edison has really started to show a lot of interest in helping me in the kitchen these days. His favorite job is stirring. If I am cooking a meal on the stove and don’t necessarily want him around the stove, I will still give him a bowl with a small amount of water, or rice, or anything we may be using for dinner to have him stir it. Keeps him happy and entertained at the same time.

5- Sing Songs + Letters Together – This is one I probably have to remind myself to do each day. I forget a lot of times, mainly because Edison doesn’t show much interest after the letter B, and the number 2. But, I know how important it is for him and that soon he will be able to count to  10 and say all the ABC’s by me singing and teaching him daily. The times I remember to sing is usually in the car as we drive somewhere, or while we shower together. (We got in this habit of singing the ABC’s, when we were in the middle of our renovation and didn’t have an actual bathtub for 3-4 months)

6- Dance Together – We listen to music often in our house and when we do, the dance moves come out. All kids love dancing, and all parents love watching their kids dance. I usually will turn on some pop songs, or toddler favorites from Alexa. It only lasts a minute or two, but it is still a fun activity to do daily.

7- Go Outside Together – There is not a single day we don’t do this, and I am sure the same goes for you. We are constantly getting outside our home, or going out to the park, children’s museum, zoo or any activity outside. It’s a good break for the both or all of you by getting some fresh air. Edison loves to play in the water from the hose, play on the fountain by our pool, ride his strider bike, take his cars for a race on the driveway, or just run and run.

8- Give Your Toddler Choices Daily – This is probably the newest activity I have added into the mix. I have started to give Edison more choices that he can decide throughout the day. That way he feels that his opinion matters. Here are a few ways I let him have choices.
I pick out two shirts and let him pick which one he wants to wear
I let him pick his shoes out. I generally pick 2 that will match his outfit
I let him pick which book to read
I let him pick a snack

9- Do Art or Color Together – This is one activity that will be a fun one to get creative with. Edison generally colors daily. He loves to color even though it lasts 5 minutes or less. My goal is to start doing more creative activities with him. Maybe do more painting, playdoh, stickers etc. Plus it’s always fun and relaxing for me too.

10- Sit, Cuddle, Watch 20 Minutes of TV – I know for some this may not be allowed, but for us it is. I have Edison watch Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, YouTube Learning Videos or a movie for 20-40 minutes each day. I don’t see any harm in it. Especially if I need to get a project done, or dinner on the table. However, when I do let Edison watch some tv, I will always make the effort to go sit with him for some of the time. I love it because he actually sits still, and wants to snuggle up to me.

11- Pray Together – This is something I have done growing up with my family, and is a tradition I want to keep in my family.

12- Give Hugs and Kisses – I am assuming here, that you already are doing this with your toddler. But maybe for those of you mamas who have older kids that aren’t as easy to grab and smooch over and over again, this may be a little helpful reminder to give more hugs and kisses in the family.

12 toddler activities and ideas to do with your toddler. From chores, to getting on the ground with your child to play. Each bonding or learning activities.12 toddler activities and ideas to do with your toddler. From chores, to getting on the ground with your child to play. Each bonding or learning activities.

What are some things you love to do each day with your kids? I am always open to new ideas to try and things maybe I have never considered or thought of. This is why I love this community so much. Everyone is so willing to share and help other mamas out.

Hope you enjoyed this today.

xo, Camilla

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