Mirrors are such a great decorative option you can use to fill up a space, making it look more open and also adding some depth and brightness. They are a great statement piece, and create the illusion of a bigger space, which is something we all want. I have been on the hunt for a full length mirror as of recently and have been overwhelmed with all the choices there are. I am looking to put one in my bedroom as I have been revamping the space lately.

So, since there are so many to options to choose from, I’ve narrowed down top favorite choices for 11 TRENDING FULL LENGTH MIRRORS that I am loving and considering. I think I am leaning towards the arched style, but now am trying to decide between the gold color or black. We will see, so follow along on stories to see what I end up getting! 😊

full length mirrors in the living room

collage of trending full length mirrors





Right now, this is the option I am currently leaning towards getting. I love how classic and timeless these look, and they soften up the space. I’m also really loving how sleek and minimal they are, which is more of my style. Currently I am which color to get between black and gold color, as they are very neutral, and two perfect choices you really can’t go wrong with. But since I already have a gold, I think the black is the better buy!

Tabitha Arc Mirror | Selene Extra Large Mirror | Metal Frame Mirror 




If you’re looking for more of a statement piece, something that will add some character to your space, decorative mirrors are the way to go. I personally gravitate towards options like these because they are a little more subtle while still creating an attractive element in your space.

The great thing about decorative mirrors is this is totally based on your personal style and preference, whether that is modern, transitional, or farmhouse style.


Desert Sun Floor Mirror | Kua Floor Mirror | Adelaide Mirror



A square mirror is the other option I was considering when choosing a full length mirror for our bedroom. I love the look of these because they are also classic, modern, and sleek, but ultimately ended up loving the arched look more.


Metal Frame Mirror | Thin Wood Floor Mirror




Lastly, rounded mirrors are also another great option that I had been looking at. Since most furniture is in the shape of a square or rectangle, adding rounded mirrors helps to add visual variety. The organic curves really help to soften up a space making them blend into your room effortlessly.


Acacia White Wash Floor Mirror | Folded Ellipse Standing Mirror | Full Length Yaquina Mirror



trending full length mirrors in a living room







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