​It’s been a week since Edison turned one and I am still in denial! 
How is my baby already one??? 
It sure has been the best year of our lives bringing Edison into this world and raising him. My favorite thing is watching him learn and grow each and every day. He really is the sweetest, happiest baby ever! Always so mellow with burst of little energy when he is in the comfort of his own home. He does so great in car rides and will either fall asleep or just sit there so quietly. Talk about perfect baby, right! 

I really appreciate all of your guys love and support this past year as I have become a mother. All your tips, advice and well wishes haven’t gone unnoticed and I love hearing how much you guys love little Edison. It just makes me heart so happy!

I was so happy I just happened to be in Utah right before Edison turned one. I knew booking Chelsey from B Couture was a no brainer. I had always wanted to use her (pre kids) when I lived in Saint George. So happy it worked out because her photos are amazing!

if you are local to St. George, or can travel a few hours to work with her, do it!!! 


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